Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenue CountryResources
John Gabriel Borkman18th April 1933Thalia-TheaterGermany 
John Gabriel Borkman14th October 2017Thalia-TheaterGermany 
John Gabriel Borkman7th December 1897Thalia-Theater LeipzigGermany 
John Gabriel Borkman4th November 1983The American Conservatory TheatreUnited States of America 
John Gabriel Borkman11th April 2008The Gallery PlayhouseUnited States of America 
John Gabriel Borkman27th May 1988The Hole in the Wall TheatreAustralia 
John Gabriel Borkman28th March 1963The Little Theatre, DePauw UniversityUnited States of America 
John Gabriel Borkman10th February 2013The Lounge TheatreUnited States of America1
John Gabriel Borkman28th January 1975The Old VicEngland 
John Gabriel Borkman9th November 1999The Pearl Theatre CompanyUnited States of America 
Judgement Day, a new version of Ibsen’s "When We Dead Awaken"16th November 2011The Print RoomEngland3
John Gabriel Borkman25th January 1992The Questors PlayhouseEngland 
A Journey to Yourself26th April 2006The Standard Theatre / Reps TheatreZimbabwe 
John Gabriel Borkman7th December 2001Theater "De Metropole"Netherlands 
John Gabriel Borkman20th February 1897Theater am FranzensplatzAustria 
John Gabriel Borkman6th January 1981Theater am StadtgartenSwitzerland 
John Gabriel Borkman21st September 2013Theater AugsburgGermany 
John Gabriel Borkman5th March 1982Theater Baden-BadenGermany 
John Gabriel Borkman15th February 2013Theater Baden-BadenGermany 
John Gabriel Borkman27th September 2001Theater BaselSwitzerland 
John Gabriel Borkman30th January 2016Theater BaselSwitzerland 
John Gabriel Borkman9th October 2016Theater BaselSwitzerland 
Jugendoper: PEER GYNT nach einem norwegischen Volksmärchen mit Musik von Edvard Grieg22nd June 2012Theater BonnGermany 
John Gabriel Borkman16th May 2009Theater Bonn KammerspieleGermany 
John Gabriel Borkman30th September 2009Theater Bonn KammerspieleGermany 
JDX - a public enemy9th April 2014Theater De Brakke GrondNetherlands 
John Gabriel Borkman30th November 2001Theater De LampegietNetherlands 
John Gabriel Borkman20th December 2001Theater de MuzevalNetherlands 
John Gabriel Borkman13th December 2001Theater De PurmarynNetherlands 
John Gabriel Borkman27th November 2001Theater de TamboerNetherlands 
John Gabriel Borkman24th September 2010Theater HeilbronnGermany 
John Gabriel Borkman17th March 1917Theater in Baden-BadenGermany 
John Gabriel Borkman23rd March 1898Theater in Baden-BadenGermany 
John Gabriel Borkman13th January 1904Theater in Baden-BadenGermany 
John Gabriel Borkman17th February 1983Theater in der JosefstadtAustria 
John Gabriel Borkman1st March 2012Theater in der JosefstadtAustria 
John Gabriel Borkman10th September 2012Theater in der JosefstadtAustria 
John Gabriel Borkman10th October 1933Theater in der StresemannstrasseGermany 
JDX - a public enemy5th April 2014Theater MalpertuisBelgium 
JDX - a public enemy19th March 2014Theater MontyBelgium 
JDX - a public enemy19th May 1993Theater MontyBelgium 
John Gabriel Borkman28th November 2002Theater aan de ParadeNetherlands 
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