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A Doll's House, Part 227th January 2019Artists Repertory Theatre (Alder Stage)United States of America 
A Doll’s House, Part 214th October 20214th Wall Theatre CompanyUnited States of America2
A vadkacsa27th March 2022   
Aadow el shaab (Enemy of the People / عدو الشعب)5th January 2013Alhosabir TheaterEgypt 
Aadow el shaab (Enemy of the People / عدو الشعب)1st March 2013Moqattam Culture House (Bayt thaqafat almuqatam)Egypt 
Aadow el shaab (Enemy of the People / عدو الشعب)9th March 2013Goethe-InstitutEgypt 
Aadow el shaab (Enemy of the People / عدو الشعب)7th April 2013Sayyed Darwish Theatre Opera HouseEgypt 
Aadow el shaab (Enemy of the People / عدو الشعب)8th May 2013Goethe-InstitutEgypt 
Aadow el shaab (Enemy of the People / عدو الشعب)4th September 2013TripoliLibya 
Aadow el shaab (Enemy of the People / عدو الشعب)18th September 2013Teater IbsenNorway 
Aadow el shaab (Enemy of the People / عدو الشعب)21st September 2013Teatret OmDenmark 
Aadow el shaab (Enemy of the People / عدو الشعب)23rd September 2013Cantabile 2Denmark 
Aadow el shaab (Enemy of the People / عدو الشعب)25th September 2013TeaterøenDenmark 
Aadow el shaab (Enemy of the People / عدو الشعب)11th October 2013The American University, AUCEgypt 
Aakasha Gopuram22nd August 2008EnglandEngland 
Aase’s Dreams31st October 2020Teater Garasi (Teater Garasi / Garasi Performance Institute)Indonesia1
Die Abenteuer des Peer Gynt28th May 1995Theater am HaidplatzGermany 
Die Abenteuer des Peer Gynt10th April 2010Kinder- und Jugendtheater am Landestheater TübingenGermany5
Die Abenteuer des Peer Gynt17th May 2010Theater RampeGermany 
Die Abenteuer des Peer Gynt23rd June 2010Stadthalle NagoldGermany 
Die Abenteuer des Peer Gynt13th November 2010Ettlingen StadthalleGermany 
Die Abenteuer des Peer Gynt27th March 2011TheaterinkemptenGermany 
Die Abenteuer von Peer Gynt4th July 2002Festung RosenbergGermany 
Abwab Nora (Nora's Doors / أبواب نورا)9th November 2009El Gomhouria Theatre (The Republic Theater)Egypt 
Abwab Nora (Nora's Doors / أبواب نورا)16th November 2009Sayyed Darwish Theatre Opera HouseEgypt 
Abwab Nora (Nora`s Door / أبواب نورا)21st November 2009National Theatre Auditorium Shilpakala AcademyBangladesh 
Abwab Nora (Nora's Doors / أبواب نورا)26th November 2009Theatre of the Jesuit and Brother's Cultural AssociationEgypt 
Abwab Nora (Nora`s Door / أبواب نورا)8th December 2009Little Theatre Group (LTG) AuditoriumIndia 
Abwab Nora (Nora`s Door / أبواب نورا)8th September 2010IbsenhusetNorway 
Acid Snow14th June 2018Teatr PolskiPoland 
Act IV of Brand7th December 1906Molesworth HallIreland 
Ado Al shaeb (An Enemy of the people / عدو الشعب)1967Baghdad - University of Fine Arts (Akadimiat Alfnon aljamilat)Iraq 
Adou al-Shaab (An Enemy of the People / عدو الشعب)10th November 2023American University of BeirutLebanon1
Adrishya Paap - An adaptation of Ghosts13th November 2009Experimental Theatre Hall Shilpakala AcademyBangladesh 
Afturgöngur13th November 1904BorgarleikhúsiðIceland 
Afturgöngur11th June 1920BorgarleikhúsiðIceland 
Afturgöngur23rd March 1927BorgarleikhúsiðIceland 
Afturgöngur13th October 1965ÞjóðleikhúsiðIceland 
Afturgöngur13th October 1993Frú EmilíaIceland 
Afturgöngur15th October 1993Leikfélag AkureyrarIceland 
I agriopapia (The Wild Duck / Η αγριόπαπια)4th December 1901Theatro Variete (Variety Theatre)Greece 
I agriopapia (The Wild Duck / Η αγριόπαπια)31st March 1902Dimotiko Theatro Athinon (Municipal Theater of Athens)Greece 
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