Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountryResources
Peer Gynt30th May 1904Theatret i ArendalNorway 
Persiguiendo a Nora Helmer13th December 2013Theatre XJapan 
Peer Gynt5th April 2005Théâtre SoranoFrance 
Peer Gynt5th November 2003Théâtre SoranoFrance 
The Pretenders13th February 1913Theatre Royal HaymarketEngland 
The Pretenders12th February 1963Theatre RoyalEngland 
Peer Gynt23rd June 2009Theatre RoyalScotland 
Peer Gynt12th February 1999Théâtre Paul EluardFrance 
Peer Gynt2nd November 2002Theatre of the Riverside ChurchUnited States 
培尔金特 (Peer Gynt) (Pei'er Jinte)14th May 2006Theatre of Beijing Broadcasting InstituteChina 
Peer Gynt7th March 2017Théâtre Nicolas-PeskineFrance 
Peer Gynt29th September 1981Théâtre National PopulaireFrance 
Petit Eyolf11th April 2003Théâtre National PopulaireFrance 
Peer Gynt5th February 1958Théâtre National du Palais de ChaillotFrance 
Petit Eyolf14th May 2003Théâtre National de StrasbourgFrance 
Peer Gynt25th September 2014Théâtre National de NiceFrance 
Peer Gynt18th March 1980Théâtre National de Marseille, La CriéeFrance 
Petit Eyolf1st March 2003Théâtre National de la CollineFrance 
Petit Eyolf3rd February 2004Théâtre National de la CollineFrance 
Peer Gynt4th December 1937Théâtre National de l'OdéonFrance 
Peer GyntMarch 2015Théâtre Municipal de Charleville-MézièresFrance 
Peer Gynt6th November 1922Théâtre MogadorFrance 
Peer Gynt26th January 2005Théâtre Maxime GorkiFrance 
Peer Gynt22nd April 1999Théâtre Maxime GorkiFrance 
Peer Gynt25th January 2018Théâtre les GémeauxFrance 
Peer Gynt16th May 2008Théâtre La PiscineFrance 
Peer Gynt22nd January 1991Théâtre du Nouveau MondeCanada 
Peer Gynt8th February 2018Théâtre du Nord-OuestFrance 
Les Piliers de la Société28th April 2018Théâtre du Nord-OuestFrance 
Le Petit Eyolf21st March 2018Théâtre du Nord-OuestFrance 
Peer GyntFebruary 2002Théâtre du Moulin NeufSwitzerland 
Petit Eyolf24th April 2003Théâtre Dijon BourgogneFrance 
Peer Gynt8th February 2018Théâtre des SalinsFrance 
Le petit Eyolf8th May 1895Théâtre des Menus PlaisirsFrance 
Peer Gynt26th May 1937Théâtre des Champs-ElyséesFrance 
Petit Eyolf17th March 2015Théâtre des CélestinsFrance 
Peer Gynt31st December 1950Theatre der StadtGermany 
Peer Gynt10th April 2008Théâtre de SartrouvilleFrance 
Peer Gynt15th February 2005Théâtre de Saint-Quentin-en-YvelinesFrance 
Peer Gynt12th January 2017Théâtre de Périgueux (Le Théâtre)France 
Peer Gynt22nd March 2004Théâtre de la Ville AosteItaly 
Peer GyntOctober 1981Théâtre de la VilleFrance