Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenue CountryResources
Peer Gynt23rd August 1979Linköpings StadsteaterSweden 
Peer Gynt - en forestilling for ungdom28th October 2005Linderud skoleNorway 
Peer Gynt - en forestilling for ungdom28th November 2006Linderud skoleNorway 
Peer Gynt30th June 1967Lincoln Hall TheatreUnited States 
Peer Gynt19th February 2002LillehammerNorway 
Peer Gynt18th February 2021LillehammerNorway 
Pērs Gints19th June 1997Liepājas TeātrisLatvia 
The Pillars of Society13th May 1901Lichfield Garrick TheatreEngland 
Peer Gynt17th August 2007Líceum udvarHungary 
Peer Gynt9th May 2009LG Arts CenterSouth Korea5
Peer Gynt11th October 2012LG Arts CenterSouth Korea 
Peer Gynt11th March 1927LeviceSlovak Republic 
Peer Gynt6th May 1938LeviceSlovak Republic 
Peer Gynt19th March 2011Leutkircher TheaterGermany 
Peer Gynt15th September 1913LessingtheaterGermany 
Peer Gynt15th September 1923LessingtheaterGermany 
Peer Gynt1st September 1919LessingtheaterGermany 
Peer Gynt5th September 1914LessingtheaterGermany 
Peer Gynt1st September 1915LessingtheaterGermany 
Peer Gynt1st September 1916LessingtheaterGermany 
Peer Gynt10th September 1917LessingtheaterGermany 
Peer Gynt1st September 1918LessingtheaterGermany 
Peer Gynt16th September 1920LessingtheaterGermany 
Peer Gynt6th September 1921LessingtheaterGermany 
Peer Gynt15th November 2018Lemvig TheaterDenmark 
Ein Puppenheim (Nora)20th March 1969Leipziger Theater - KammerspieleGermany 
Ein Puppenheim (Nora)18th May 1951Leipziger Theater - KammerspieleGermany 
Peer Gynt12th February 1916Leipziger Stadttheater, Neues TheaterGermany 
Peer Gynt15th June 1918Leipziger Stadttheater, Neues TheaterGermany 
Peer Gynt3rd June 1919Leipziger Stadttheater, Neues TheaterGermany 
Peer Gynt6th September 1917Leipziger Stadttheater, Neues TheaterGermany 
Peer Gynt29th July 1920Leipziger Stadttheater, Neues TheaterGermany 
Peer Gynt30th July 1921Leipziger Stadttheater, Neues TheaterGermany 
Peer Gynt22nd July 1922Leipziger Stadttheater, Neues TheaterGermany 
Peer Gynt25th December 1939Leipziger Stadttheater, Altes TheaterGermany 
Peer Gynt24th January 1931Leipziger Stadttheater, Altes TheaterGermany 
Ein Puppenheim (Nora)20th March 1928Leipziger SchauspielhausGermany 
Peer Gynt30th October 1925Leipziger SchauspielhausGermany 
Peer Gynt1927Leipziger SchauspielhausGermany 
Pétur Gautur28th December 1998Leikfélag AkureyrarIceland 
Een Poppenhuis4th November 1998Leidse SchouwburgNetherlands 
Peer !!! naar H. Ibsen & E. Grieg17th June 2002LeidenNetherlands