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Ibsen Women - Put an eagle in a cageApril 1989Yale University, Whitney Humanities CenterUnited States 
Ibsen in pieces30th May 2015Westerdals Oslo ACT (Campus Vaterland)Norway 
Imagine Home6th August 2011West Park - Fairview Family YMCAUnited States 
Ibsen329th October 2009WagehuysBelgium 
Imagine Home3rd August 2011Wade Oval WednesdayUnited States 
Ibsen324th September 2009Verkadefabriek Den BoschNetherlands 
Inger Östråtin rouva1916Uusi TeatteriSweden 
ID - Identity of the Soul. A cinematic live performance about revenge, reconciliation and the individual, based on Ibsen’s poem Terje Vigen and Darwish’s A Soldier Dreams of White Lilies9th October 2008UNRWA SchoolPalestinian Territories 
Into Either End of the Cylinder19th August 2006United StatesUnited States 
Ibsen Online - En online oppsetning inspirert av Henrik Ibsens skuespill "De unges forbund"4th June 2010Twitter og OrigoNorway 
一镜一生易卜生 / Ibsen In One Take (Yijing yisheng yibusheng)12th November 2012Trojan House Theater (木马剧场)China 
Isten éltessen, Hedvig Ekdal18th February 2005Trafó Kortárs Művészetek HázaHungary 
Ibsen39th October 2009Toneelschuur HaarlemNetherlands 
Ibsen Huis (Ibsen House)9th May 2017Toneelgroep Theater, Stadsschouwburg NijmegenNetherlands 
Inimigos na casa de bonecas7th October 2018Theatro São PedroBrazil 
I kyra-Ingker ap’ to Ostrot7th November 1945Theatro RexGreece 
I Nora1st October 1930Theatro ApollonGreece 
Ibsen: Gespenster13th December 2016Théâtre National de StrasbourgFrance 
Il était une fois à Gyntiana16th June 2023Théâtre 13France 
Ibsen: Gespenster23rd November 2015Theaterhaus HildesheimGermany 
IBSEN: PEER GYNT26th November 2015Theaterhaus HildesheimGermany 
Ibsen: John Gabriel Borkman2nd November 2013Theaterhaus HildesheimGermany 
Ibsen: Gespenster10th February 2015Theater FrascatiNetherlands 
I Didn't Know It Could Be Like This: Henrik Ibsen's Doll House6th March 2003The Old American Can FactoryUnited States 
O Inimigo do Povo30th September 2006Temporada SESC de ArtesBrazil 
Ibsen Incorporated6th October 2015Teatrul pentru Copii și Tineret "Luceafărul"Romania 
Inamicul poporului30th September 2015Teatrul Foarte MicRomania 
Ibsen Incorporated11th May 2016Teatrul de Stat din Arad (Teatrul Clasic Ioan Slavici )Romania 
Ibsen Incorporated4th June 2015Teatrul de ComedieRomania 
Il costruttore Solness1st December 2018Teatro VertigoItaly 
I Nora, meta4th December 2010Teatro Topos AllouGreece4
O Inimigo do PovoMarch 1998Teatro Sérgio CardosoBrazil 
Um Inimigo do Povo29th August 1969Teatro São PedroBrazil 
Um inimigo do povoAugust 2005Teatro Santa IsabelBrazil 
O Inimigo do Povo12th January 2007Teatro Ruth EscobarBrazil 
Inimigos na casa de bonecas2nd November 2018Teatro RenascençaBrazil 
Um inimigo do povo7th January 1967Teatro Popular do NordesteBrazil 
Instinto (Instinct)4th June 2023Teatro Oficina Olga Reverbel do Multipalco Eva SopherBrazil 
Ibsen House25th October 2019Teatro Nacional D. Maria II (Sala Estúdio)Portugal 
O inimigo do povo7th November 1997Teatro Municipal Sá de MirandaPortugal 
O inimigo do povo2nd December 1997Teatro Municipal Sá de MirandaPortugal 
Um Inimigo do Povo8th February 2014Teatro Municipal Joaquim BenitePortugal 
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