Event Peer Gkynt (Peer Gynt / Πέερ Γκυντ)
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VenueTheatro Akadimos (Akadimos Theatre / Θέατρο Ακάδημος), Athens, Greece
First Date2nd April 1968
Last Date14th April 1968
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.net
477727Apostolou, ZettaZetta Apostolou379ActorAnitra
477727Apostolou, ZettaZetta Apostolou379ActorWoman in green
477729Argyris, GiannisGiannis Argyris379ActorThe Troll King
477729Argyris, GiannisGiannis Argyris379ActorHerr von Eberkopf
477729Argyris, GiannisGiannis Argyris379ActorMads Moen's father
477729Argyris, GiannisGiannis Argyris379ActorBegriffenfeldt
477728Aronis, ThanosThanos Aronis379ActorMads Moen
477728Aronis, ThanosThanos Aronis379ActorThin Man
477728Aronis, ThanosThanos Aronis379ActorHussein
477728Aronis, ThanosThanos Aronis379ActorMonsieur Ballon
477726Christodoulakis, GiorgosGiorgos Christodoulakis379ActorA Buttonmoulder
477726Christodoulakis, GiorgosGiorgos Christodoulakis379ActorMr Cotton
477726Christodoulakis, GiorgosGiorgos Christodoulakis379ActorAslak
477724Erimou, EleniEleni Erimou379ActorSolveig
477723Ioannidou, LoulaLoula Ioannidou379ActorMother Aase
477725Lampridou, IliasIlias Lampridou379ActorIngrid
474007Voglis, GiannisGiannis Voglis379ActorPeer Gynt
477720Solomos, AlexisAlexis Solomos389Adaptation
477721Seilinos, VangelisVangelis Seilinos385Choreographer
477720Solomos, AlexisAlexis Solomos387Costume Designer
477720Solomos, AlexisAlexis Solomos376Designer
477720Solomos, AlexisAlexis Solomos375Director
426902Ibsen, Henrik JohanHenrik Johan Ibsen386Playwright
477722Bekes, OmirosOmiros Bekes378Translator
Première in a TourYes
Tour Première
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Production NationalityGreece
Performance languageModern Greek
Further InformationResumption (with partly new crew) of production that premiered on October 11, 1967: see separate record / The group is was smaller and the play was korta down compared to the original production. / Source: Giannis Moschos, Henrik Ibsen on the Greek stage. From the first performance till the end of the 20 th century (1894-2000), PhD thesis, School of Drama, Faculty of Fine Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki 2012, Vol. II, pp. 131-132.
Event Identifier88464
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