Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenue CountryResources
Gespenster (Ghosts)11th January 1891Olympic TheatreUnited States of America 
Ghosts9th May 1903Oliver TheatreUnited States of America 
Gespenster21st October 1964Oldenburgisches StaatstheaterGermany 
Ghosts10th May 2011Old Town Hall Arts CenterEngland 
Ghosts17th October 2000Old Red Lion TheatreEngland 
Ghosts11th November 2003Old Fire Station Studio TheatreEngland 
Ghosts26th May 2011Old CourthouseNorthern Ireland 
Gengangere18th September 2000OlavshallenNorway 
Gespenster22nd October 1997Offenburg StadthalleGermany 
Ghosts4th September 2022Odyssey TheatreUnited States of America 
Gespenster10th October 1997Odeon-TheaterGermany 
Gjengangere30th September 1883Odense TheaterDenmark 
Gengangere1st December 1953Odense TeaterDenmark 
Gengangere19th October 1984Odense TeaterDenmark 
Gengangere30th October 1907Odense FolketeaterDenmark 
Gengangere15th November 1907Odense FolketeaterDenmark 
Gengangere28th October 2000OdenseDenmark 
Gjengangere26th September 1969Odda kinoNorway 
Ghosts26th November 2008Odd Duck StudioUnited States of America 
Ghosts17th April 2014Oberlin College & ConservatoryUnited States of America 
Gjengangere16th November 2017Nøtterøy KulturhusNorway 
Gjengangere (Ghosts)8th October 2023Nøtterøy KulturhusNorway1
Gjengangere13th May 2005NøtterøyNorway 
Gjengangere12th November 1883Næstved TeaterDenmark 
Gjengangere29th September 2017Nærøy KulturhusNorway 
Gengangere11th October 1907Nykøbing F. TeaterDenmark 
Gengangere1st November 1907Nyborg TeaterDenmark 
Gjengangere2nd October 1883Nyborg TeaterDenmark 
Gengångare12th September 1883Nya TeaternSweden 
Gengångare2nd November 1883Nya TeaternFinland 
Gengångare (3dje Akten)20th April 1885Nya TeaternFinland 
Gengångare18th November 1885Nya TeaternFinland 
Gengangere29th August 1978NRK TV (Norge)Norway1
Gengangere. Opera av Antonio Bibalo, etter Henrik Ibsens drama23rd December 1984NRK TV (Norge)Norway 
Gjengangere24th November 1985NRK Radio (Norge)Norway 
Gjengangere24th November 1995NRK Radio (Norge)Norway 
Gjengangere8th January 1970NRK Radio (Norge)Norway 
Gengangere18th January 1955NRK Radio (Norge)Norway 
Gengangere28th March 1941NRK Radio (Norge)Norway 
Gengangere13th December 1962NRK Fjernsyn (Norge)Norway1
Gengangere25th March 2006NRK Bare IbsenNorway 
Gabriel Borkman (John Gabriel Borkman)31st March 1932Novi SadSerbia