Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenue CountryResources
Ghosts19th June 2007Battersea Arts CentreEngland 
Gyntiania. En rockemusikal fritt etter Henrik Ibsens Peer Gynt5th December 2012Bastøy fengselNorway 
Gynt's Ghosts or Who the F**k is Peer?1st June 2017BasementDenmark 
Ghosts4th April 2013Bas Bleu Theatre MainstageUnited States of America 
Ghosts11th February 1905Barre Opera HouseUnited States of America 
Gengångare1st May 2003Barbican TheatreEngland 
Ghosts28th June 1978Bankstown Town HallAustralia 
Gengangere8th September 1985Bankettsalen i Hotell KlubbenNorway 
Ghosts BAM Harvey TheaterUnited States of America 
Ghosts10th November 1902BaltimoreUnited States of America 
Ghosts21st November 1999Ballroom TheatreUnited States of America 
Gespenster8th March 1949BallhofGermany 
Gespenster4th March 2010Balgrist KirchgemeindehausSwitzerland 
Gjengangere14th November 2017Bakkenteigen KulturhusNorway 
Gjengangere (Ghosts)27th September 2023Bakkenteigen KulturhusNorway1
Ghosts5th December 1904Baker GrandUnited States of America 
Ghosts1st April 2022Bagley Wright TheaterUnited States of America 
Gespenster9th March 1982Badisches StaatstheaterGermany 
Gespenster2nd April 1966Badisches StaatstheaterGermany 
Gespenster17th March 2016Badisches Landestheater KarlsruheGermany 
Gespenster30th November 2000Badische LandesbühneGermany 
Gespenster10th March 2004Bad NeustadtGermany 
Gespenster4th March 1980Bad HonnefGermany 
Gespenster24th October 1997Backnanger BürgerhausGermany 
Ghosts13th August 2010Backdoor TheatreUnited States of America 
Ghosts6th June 1977Avon Theatre StageCanada 
Ghosts7th May 1904Avenue TheatreUnited States of America 
Gespenster15th March 1918AustriaAustria 
Gjengangere20th May 1882Aurora Turner HallUnited States of America2
Ghosts16th December 1903AuroraUnited States of America 
Gengangere3rd September 1985Aulaen AIDNorway 
Gespenster9th January 1980Aula Nikolaus-Cusanus-GymnasiumGermany 
Gespenster26th January 1980Aula Gymnasium AlleestrasseGermany 
Gespenster31st March 1980Aula des Stift GymnasiumsGermany 
Gespenster25th January 1999Aula des Josef-Albers-GymnasiumGermany 
Gespenster10th January 1980Aula des Gymnasiums RemigianumGermany 
Gespenster23rd March 1980Aula der Wolfgang-Borchert-RealschuleGermany 
Gespenster2nd February 1980Aula der RealschuleGermany 
Gespenster30th September 1997Aula der Jacob Lienau RealschuleGermany 
Gespenster1st October 1997Aula der Halepaghen SchuleGermany 
Ghosts7th October 1903AuditoriumUnited States of America 
Ghosts29th October 1904AuditoriumUnited States of America