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Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountryResources
Gengangere31st March 1884Stavanger TeaterNorway, Stavanger 
Gengangere17th November 1916Stavanger Faste SceneNorway, Stavanger 
Gjengangere30th September 1969StatsrealskolenNorway, Balestrand 
Ghosts18th May 2017Stantonbury TheatreEngland, Milton Keynes, Stantonbury 
Ghosts9th February 1905Stanley Opera HouseUnited States, St Johnsbury 
Ghosts28th September 1903StanfordUnited States 
Ghosts8th June 2011Stamford Arts CentreEngland, Stamford, Lincolnshire, 27 St Mary's St 
Ghosts12th June 1990Staller Center for the ArtsUnited States, Stony Brook, Stony Brook University, 100 Nicolls Rd 
Ghosts19th September 2013Stahl TheatreEngland, Oundle, West Street 
Ghosts6th April 1965Stage Sixty at the Theatre Royal StratfordEngland, Stratford, London 
Ghosts26th February 2004Stage Center Theatre, Northeastern Illinois UniversityUnited States, Chicago, 5500 N St Louis Ave 
Gespenster4th January 1986Stadttheater AachenGermany, Aachen 
Gespenster11th April 1966Stadttheater AachenGermany, Aachen 
Gespenster5th March 1909Stadttheater ZürichSwitzerland, Zürich 
Gespenster8th April 1902Stadttheater WürzburgGermany, Würzburg 
Gespenster13th September 1997Stadttheater WilhelmshavenGermany, Wilhelmshaven, Virchowstraße 44, 26382 Wilhelmshaven 
Gespenster5th January 1980Stadttheater WilhelmshavenGermany, Wilhelmshaven, Virchowstraße 44, 26382 Wilhelmshaven 
Gespenster18th January 1999Stadttheater Wiener NeustadtAustria, Wiener Neustadt, Herzog Leopold-Straße 17 
Gespenster3rd February 1999Stadttheater WelsAustria, Wels, Kaiser-Josef-Platz 50 
Gespenster17th October 2015Stadttheater WeilheimGermany, Weilheim, Theaterpl. 1 
Gespenster28th August 1915Stadttheater TeplitzCzech Republic, Teplice 
Gespenster6th March 1907Stadttheater TeplitzCzech Republic, Teplice 
Gespenster17th October 1997Stadttheater SurseeSwitzerland, Sursee, Theaterstrasse 5 
Gespenster9th April 1972Stadttheater St. PöltenAustria, St. Pölten 
Gespenster31st October 1956Stadttheater St. GallenSwitzerland, St. Gallen, Museumstrasse 1 
Gespenster23rd March 1971Stadttheater St. GallenSwitzerland, St. Gallen, Museumstrasse 1 
Gespenster28th March 2004Stadttheater SchweinfurtGermany, Schweinfurt 
Gespenster5th September 1917Stadttheater SalzburgAustria, Salzburg 
Gespenster3rd June 1896Stadttheater SalzburgAustria, Salzburg 
Gespenster17th June 1919Stadttheater SalzburgAustria, Salzburg 
Gespenster20th April 1928Stadttheater SalzburgAustria, Salzburg 
Gespenster10th March 1903Stadttheater SalzburgAustria, Salzburg 
Gespenster8th October 1997Stadttheater RheinbachGermany, Rheinbach, Königsberger Straße 29 
Gespenster9th May 1948Stadttheater RegensburgGermany, Regensburg, Bismarckplatz 7 
Gespenster29th October 1998Stadttheater PforzheimGermany, Pforzheim, Am Waisenhausplatz 5 
Gespenster15th March 1899Stadttheater PettauSlovenia, Ptuj 
Gespenster26th September 1997Stadttheater Peiner FestsäleGermany, Peine, Friedrich-Ebert-Platz 12 
Gespenster11th February 1980Stadttheater Peiner FestsäleGermany, Peine, Friedrich-Ebert-Platz 12 
Gespenster7th December 1954Stadttheater OltenSwitzerland, Olten, Froburgstrasse 1 
Gespenster2nd May 1991Stadttheater OltenSwitzerland, Olten, Froburgstrasse 1 
Gespenster15th November 2006Stadttheater OltenSwitzerland, Olten, Froburgstrasse 1 
Gespenster26th November 1936Stadttheater OltenSwitzerland, Olten, Froburgstrasse 1