Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountry Resources
Ghosts20th May 2011Hawk’s Well TheatreIreland 
Ghosts23rd May 2011An Grianan TheatreIreland 
Ghosts30th May 2011Garter Lane ArtsIreland 
Ghosts1st June 2011Watergate TheatreIreland 
Ghosts2nd June 2011Pavilion TheatreIreland 
Ghosts27th June 2011Everyman Palace TheatreIreland 
Ghosts3rd July 2011St John’s TheatreIreland 
Ghosts26th April 1962Dean Crowe TheatreIreland 
Ghosts10th May 1938Dublin Gate Theatre (Gate Theatre)Ireland 
Ghosts4th September 1949Dublin Gate Theatre (Gate Theatre)Ireland 
Ghosts15th April 2023Abbey TheatreIreland 
Ghosts (hebrew)1st April 1996Habima - National Theatre of IsraelIsrael 
Ghosts27th January 2006Al Hakawati, Palestinian National TheatreIsrael4
Ghosts8th February 2006Al Midan TheatreIsrael 
Ghosts18th February 2006Frank Cinatra TheatreIsrael 
Gian Gabriele Borkmann17th May 1898Teatro GerbinoItaly 
Gian Gabriele Borkmann22nd November 1898Teatro CarcanoItaly 
Gian Gabriele Borkmann10th January 1899Teatro NazionaleItaly 
Gian Gabriele Borkman2nd June 1898VeniceItaly 
Gian Gabriele Borkman19th July 1898GenoaItaly 
Gian Gabriele Borkmann7th March 1928Teatro ManzoniItaly 
Gian Gabriele Borkmann24th April 1928BolognaItaly 
Gian Gabriele Borkmann26th April 1928Teatro ValleItaly 
Gespenster14th October 1997WalterhausItaly 
Gespenster15th October 1997Kurhaus & Stadttheater MeranItaly 
Gespenster22nd November 1908Bürgersaal BozenItaly 
Gespenster26th February 1910Bürgersaal BozenItaly 
Gespenster3rd January 1901Theater BozenItaly 
Gespenster23rd October 1901Teatro ArmoniaItaly 
[Gengangere] (japansk)12th January 1912Yurakuza TheatreJapan 
[Gengangere] (japansk)7th November 1914The Sanjo Seinen Kaikan HallJapan 
[Gengangere] (japansk)21st April 1918Ushigome Geijutsu ClubJapan 
[Gengangere] (japansk)4th November 1921Tetsudokai AuditoriumJapan 
[Gengangere] (japansk)11th November 1922Yurakuza TheatreJapan 
[Gengangere] (japansk)15th January 1925Tsukiji Little TheatreJapan 
[Gengangere] (japansk)11th March 1928Tsukiji Little TheatreJapan 
[Gengangere] (japansk) (Ghosts)6th December 1977Susukida StudioJapan 
[Gengangere] (japansk)11th February 1976Haiyuza Theatre (Actors' Theatre)Japan 
[Gengangere] (japansk)28th April 1976Akosha StudioJapan 
Ghosts - Composition/Ibsen1st December 2006TokyoJapan 
[Ghosts] (Japanese)18th June 1987Kyoto Prefectural Center for Arts and CultureJapan 
[Ghosts] (Japanese)15th July 1987Ginza Miyukikan TheatreJapan