Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenue CountryResources
Gengangere13th October 2000Teater IbsenNorway1
Gjengangere (Ghosts)14th September 2023Teater IbsenNorway1
Gengångare14th November 2000Teater BorgenSweden 
Ghosts5th May 1933Tavistock Little TheatreEngland 
Ghosts29th April 1938Tavistock Little TheatreEngland 
Ghosts2nd October 2019Tarrant County College -Theatre southeastUnited States of America 
Ghosts7th October 2010Talento Bilingüe de HoustonUnited States of America 
Gespenster8th May 2004Saarländisches Staatstheater (Theater St. Arnual)Germany 
Gespenster24th January 2000Saalbau WittenGermany 
Gespenster31st March 1928Saal des Kurhotels FürstenhofGermany 
Gespenster23rd January 1904Saal des GewerbevereinsLatvia 
Gespenster3rd November 1909Saal des GewerbevereinsLatvia 
Gjengangere14th March 2007Sørreisa KulturhusNorway 
Gjengangere15th September 1969Sørlandets tekniske skoleNorway 
Gengangere13th March 1978Sørlandets tekniske skoleNorway 
Gjøglernes Peer Gynt9th October 1997Søgne ungdomsskoleNorway 
Gjengangere8th February 1970Sætermoen (Saetermoen)Norway 
Gengångare20th October 1989SäterSweden 
Ghosts9th October 1903SyracuseUnited States of America 
GRIEG - Incidental music to Peer Gynt9th October 2017Symphony HallUnited States of America 
Ghosts21st March 1981SydneyAustralia 
Ghosts4th October 2013Swindon Arts CentreEngland 
Ghosts20th November 1903Sweeney & Coomb's Opera HouseUnited States of America 
Gengångare14th May 2011SVT2Sweden 
Gengangere28th December 1979SVT TV 1Sweden 
Gengångare5th February 1989SvT 1 - DramaSweden 
Gengångare12th January 1956Sveriges Radio P1Sweden 
Gengångare26th April 1997Sveriges Radio P1Sweden 
Gengångare7th October 1887Svenska TeaternFinland 
Gespenster3rd March 1902Svenska TeaternSweden 
Gengångare20th February 1905Svenska TeaternFinland 
Gengångare26th April 1926Svenska TeaternFinland 
Gespenster17th February 1902Svenska TeaternFinland 
Gespenster21st February 1904Svenska TeaternFinland 
Gengangere14th April 1961Svenska TeaternFinland 
Gengangere1st September 1955Svenska TeaternFinland 
Gjengangere7th October 1969Svelgen samfunnshusNorway 
Gengangere22nd February 1894SveateaternSweden 
Ghosts23rd May 1933Sutton TheaterUnited States of America 
Gjengangere1st May 2005SurnadalNorway 
Ghosts20th November 1903SuperiorUnited States of America 
Gjengangere5th October 2017Sunndal kulturhusNorway