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I Didn't Know It Could Be Like This: Henrik Ibsen's Doll House6th March 2003The Old American Can FactoryUnited States, Brooklyn, 232 3rd Street 
I giorti sto Solchaougk8th July 1953EIR B’ Programma Radio (Greece)Greece 
I kyra tes thalassas15th May 1986ERT A’ Programma RadioGreece, Athens 
I kyra-Ingker ap’ to Ostrot7th November 1945Theatro RexGreece, Athens 
I Nora1st October 1930Theatro ApollonGreece, Pyrgos, Ileia, Markou Mpotsari 4 
I Nora, meta4th December 2010Teatro Topos AllouGreece, Athens, Kefallinias 16 
I pyrgodespoina Ingker tou Estrot15th December 1985ERT A’ Programma RadioGreece, Athens 
IB3EN14th February 2013Teater MomentumDenmark, Odense, Filosofgangen 19 
Ibsen / Stalder: Wyssi Ross - Nach «Rosmersholm»22nd November 2008RüttihubelbadSwitzerland, Walkringen, Rüttihubel 29 
Ibsen / Stalder: Wyssi Ross - Nach «Rosmersholm»24th January 2009Casino-TheaterSwitzerland, Burgdorf, Kirchbühl 14 
Ibsen 2010: Byggmästare Solness2nd October 2010Stockholms StadsteaterSweden, Stockholm 
Ibsen 2010: Lille Eyolf2nd October 2010Stockholms StadsteaterSweden, Stockholm 
Ibsen 2010: Rosmersholm2nd October 2010Stockholms StadsteaterSweden, Stockholm 
一镜一生易卜生 (Ibsen In One Take) (Yijing yisheng yibusheng)12th November 2012Trojan House Theater (木马剧场)China, Beijing, 22 International Art Street, 32 Baiziwan Lu, Chaoyang district 
一镜一生易卜生 (Ibsen In One Take) (Yijing yisheng yibusheng)27th September 2013ShanghaiChina, Shanghai 
一镜一生易卜生 (Ibsen In One Take) (Yijing yisheng yibusheng)13th November 2013GuangzhouChina 
Ibsen In One Take27th September 2013RotterdamNetherlands, Rotterdam 
Ibsen In One Take12th September 2014Nationaltheatret AmfiscenenNorway, Oslo, Johanne Dybwads plass 1 
Ibsen in pieces30th May 2015Westerdals Oslo ACT (Campus Vaterland)Norway, Oslo, Christian Krohgs gate 2 
Ibsen Incorporated4th June 2015Teatrul de ComedieRomania, Bucharest, Strada Sf. Dumitru, nr. 2 sector 3 
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