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Imperatore e Galileo10th December 1902Politeama VerdiItaly 
Inger Östråtin rouva1916Uusi TeatteriSweden 
Inger Östråtin rouva7th December 1916Kansan NäyttämöFinland 
I Nora1st October 1930Theatro ApollonGreece 
I kyra-Ingker ap’ to Ostrot7th November 1945Theatro RexGreece 
Um inimigo do povo4th July 1952Teatro MunicipalBrazil 
I giorti sto Solchaougk8th July 1953EIR B’ Programma Radio (Greece)Greece 
Il costruttore Sollness1st April 1960ItalyItaly 
Um inimigo do povo7th January 1967Teatro Popular do NordesteBrazil 
Um Inimigo do Povo29th August 1969Teatro São PedroBrazil 
Um Inimigo do PovoOctober 1969Teatro ColiseuBrazil 
Um inimigo do povo31st May 1972Teatro CapitólioPortugal 
Irene ou la résurrection de Maurice Clavel, d' après "Quand nous nous réveillons d' entre les morts" d' Henrik Ibsen21st October 1976Nouveau Carré Silvia MonfortFrance 
Um inimigo do povo17th May 1977Teatro da AMIBrazil 
Ibsen by IbsenMay 1982American Repertory TheatreUnited States 
Um inimigo do povo11th December 1985Teatro da UFSCBrazil 
I pyrgodespoina Ingker tou Estrot15th December 1985ERT A’ Programma RadioGreece 
I kyra tes thalassas15th May 1986ERT A’ Programma RadioGreece 
Ioannis Gavriil Borkman11th March 1989Etaireia Makedonikon SpoudonGreece 
Ibsen Women - Put an eagle in a cageApril 1989Yale University, Whitney Humanities CenterUnited States 
Ioannis Gavriil Borkman5th May 1989Nea Skini (Ethniko Theatro)Greece 
Ibsen Kvinner - sett en ørn i bur1991NorwayNorway 
Ibsens barn. «Å hvor vårt hjem er lunt og smukt» - basert på fire skuespill av Henrik Ibsen10th October 1992TeaterloftetNorway1
Um inimigo do povo10th May 1994Teatro do IBEUBrazil 
Ibsens barn. «Å hvor vårt hjem er lunt og smukt» - basert på fire skuespill av Henrik Ibsen31st August 1994Nationaltheatret AmfiscenenNorway 
"Ibsens Gengangere: Forbannelsen" - av Sophia Kingshill23rd February 1995Scene XNorway1
"Ibsens Gengangere: Forbannelsen" - av Sophia Kingshill1st September 1996Scene XNorway 
O Inimigo do Povo8th May 1997Casa da GáveaBrazil 
O Inimigo do PovoAugust 1997Teatro AbelBrazil 
O inimigo do povo7th November 1997Teatro Municipal Sá de MirandaPortugal 
O inimigo do povo2nd December 1997Teatro Municipal Sá de MirandaPortugal 
O inimigo do povo5th February 1998Teatro CircoPortugal 
O Inimigo do PovoMarch 1998Teatro Sérgio CardosoBrazil 
Ibsens barn27th November 1998Romerike FolkehøgskoleNorway 
Ibsen, Bach & What Interferes with Love!21st October 2001Aesthetic Realism FoundationUnited States 
I Didn't Know It Could Be Like This: Henrik Ibsen's Doll House6th March 2003The Old American Can FactoryUnited States 
Independence Day!26th October 2003Amakhosi TheatreZimbabwe 
Isten éltessen, Hedvig Ekdal18th February 2005Trafó Kortárs Művészetek HázaHungary 
Isten éltessen, Hedvig Ekdal1st May 2005Merlin SzínházHungary 
Um inimigo do povo12th May 2005Teatro ApoloBrazil 
Um inimigo do povoAugust 2005Teatro Santa IsabelBrazil 
Ibsen Playreading: Love´s Comedy (1862)16th January 2006Lyttelton TheatreEngland 
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