Event Ibsen In One Take
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DescriptionThe performance is influenced by many of Ibsen's works.
VenueRotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands
First Date27th September 2013
Opening Night27th September 2013
Last Date28th September 2013
Primary GenreTheatre
468335Boxiong, YangYang Boxiong379ActorHim as a child
468339Hongwei, ZhaoZhao Hongwei379Actorwife
468333Jialong, LiLi Jialong379ActorHim as a young man, Him as an adult
468337Li, FangFang Li379ActorMother
468340Ting, ManMan Ting379Actorgirl with pigtails
468336Xiaqing, LiuLiu Xiaqing379ActorFather
468338Yang, ZhangZhang Yang379Actorgirlfriend, nurse
468334Zongyuan, TanTan Zongyuan379ActorHim as an old man
468324Yangfan, LILI Yangfan388Composer
468325Ran, JINJIN Ran387Costume Designer
468326Hui, DOUDOU Hui376Designerscenography
468323Chong, WangWang Chong375Director+ production leader and translator
452165Tørressen, Hege RandiHege Randi Tørressen (Hege Randi Tørressen)383Dramaturg
468331Shuchang, LIULIU Shuchang380Lighting Designer
468322Fiskum, OdaOda Fiskum386Playwrightscript
426902Ibsen, HenrikHenrik Ibsen386Playwright
468327Anzheng, LIANGLIANG Anzheng384Producervideo direction
444388Buresund, IngerInger Buresund (Inger Buresund)384Producer
468328Fan, YangYang Fan384Producervideo direction
468330Yi, LILI Yi384Producerproduction leader
468329Yuelong, ZHANGZHANG Yuelong381Sound Designer
468332Chen, LIULIU Chen378Translator
Production NationalityChina
Performance language
Event Identifier86234
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