Event Ibsen Huis (Ibsen House)
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Description1964: the successful architect Cees Kerkman designs a glass holiday home for his family. This house, which over 60 years later will go up in flames, is a place where three generations of the upper-class Kerkmans meet each other, argue, talk, love and celebrate; a place in which the decisive moments and crises of the family take place. In scenes which jump back and forth in time and assemble in a mosaic-like way, we observe the conversations and interactions of the family members and follow the effects that the crimes and abuses of the grandparents and parents – as well as their suppression and cover-up – have on their children and grandchildren. Although the total transparency of the walls seems to leave no dark places to hide unpleasant truths, a dark family secret is carried on from generation to generation, in plain sight. The desire to look away, the silent group dynamic of forgetting and obliterating is more powerful than that which is apparent. »Ibsen Huis« is a family epic, a portrait of an era and a rewriting of Ibsen’s family dramas. Simon Stone’s production makes use of Ibsen-like family constellations and characters – the young, idealistic dreamer; the bankrupt industrialist fighting for his legacy; the wife who is stronger than her husband and searches for the meaning of life; the couple whose relationship dissolves in a chaos of sex, death and mutual recrimination – and from them creates a new, distinct drama about the impossibility of repression and the struggle with one’s own memory.
VenueIta Ensemble, Leidseplein 26, Amsterdam, Netherlands
First Date5th November 2021
Last Date13th November 2021
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Compilation
    • Derivative work
524323Bender, ClaireClaire Bender379ActorLena, Fleur
466122Goslinga, JanniJanni Goslinga379ActorCaroline
456557Greidanus, AusAus Greidanus379ActorDaniel, Arthus, Lena's ex
524089Heijmans, MaartenMaarten Heijmans379ActorSebastiaan, Jacob, journalist
524090Heijnen, EvaEva Heijnen379ActorCaroline, Pip
442498Kesting, HansHans Kesting379ActorCees, Vincent
524322Klever, BartBart Klever379ActorThomas, Daniel
524087Kraakman, MariaMaria Kraakman379ActorJohanna, Lena
476048Nufaar, CeliaCelia Nufaar379ActorFrederique, Johanna
524091Roos, DavidDavid Roos379ActorSebastiaan
466123Slegers, BartBart Slegers379ActorJacob, wethouder
524324Parra, Nina de laNina de la Parra397Assistant Director
511942D'Huys, AnAn D'Huys387Costume Designer
524084Clachan, LizzieLizzie Clachan376DesignerScenographer
456951Stone, SimonSimon Stone375Director
524085Kraaij, Peter vanPeter van Kraaij383Dramaturg
524325Rhee, Mascha vanMascha van Rhee383DramaturgAssistant dramaturg
494737Farncombe, JamesJames Farncombe380Lighting Designer
456955Gregory, StefanStefan Gregory392Musicianor musical director, sound designer
426902Ibsen, HenrikHenrik Ibsen386Playwright
524085Kraaij, Peter vanPeter van Kraaij378Translator
Tour Première
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Production NationalityNetherlands
Performance languageDutch
Further InformationBased on motifs by Henrik Ibsen
Event Identifier101081
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