Nordic Maps

Touring Trajectories of Major Nordic Noras 1879 to 1937

This map shows the touring trajectories of Betty Hennings (1879-1901), Adelaide Johannesen (1880-1883), Ida Aalberg (1880-1902), Johanne Dybwad (1890-1907), and Tore Segelcke (1936-1937).

Touring Trajectories of Major Norwegian Productions 1966 to 1990

This map shows the touring trajectories of major Norwegian productions by Det Norske Teatret and Riksteatret (1966-67 and 1974), Riksteatret (1989-90) and Teatret Vårt (1990).

Norwegian Funding between 2006 and 2011

The trajectories on this map mark the distribution from the Norwegian government of funding tied to productions or projects associated with Et dukkehjem between 2006 and 2011.