Data Overview

Three visualisations provide an overview of the Et dukkehjem (A Doll’s House) data set by showing distribution by venue, events by year, and contributors by artistic function. A time-map shows the trajectories of actresses playing Nora in three or more countries.

Distribution by Venue 1879-2015

A venue is defined in IbsenStage as a place where an event happens: typically, a theatre building located at a street address or identified by geographical coordinates. Some of the venues marked on these maps have presented numerous productions of Et dukkehjem. For instance, in Germany the Thalia Theater has produced the play twenty-three times over a period of 133 years, and the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus has produced the play fifteen times over 108 years.

The number of Et dukkehjem events by year, 1879-2015

An event in IbsenStage is a distinct happening, defined by title, date, and venue: typically, a performance or a consecutive series of performances at a venue. Film and television adaptations of Et dukkehjem are recorded as events in IbsenStage defined by title and date of first broadcast or year of release.

Contributors to Et dukkehjem by artistic function, 1879-2015, as recorded in performance credits

IbsenStage defines contributors as individuals who contribute in some capacity – actors, directors, designers, producers, writers, and so on – to the conception, production, or presentation of an event.

Touring Et dukkehjem, 1879–2014

This time-map shows the trajectories of actresses playing Nora in three or more countries.