Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenue CountryResources
Little Eyolf5th March 2003Rosemary Branch TheatreEngland 
Little Eyolf28th June 1979Roundabout Stage IIUnited States of America 
The Lady from the Sea13th October 2010Royal Exchange TheatreEngland 
The Lady from the Sea5th October 1978Royal Exchange TheatreEngland 
Little Eyolf26th August 1963Royal Lyceum TheatreScotland 
The Lady from the Sea4th May 1902Royalty TheatreEngland 
Lille Eyolf12th March 1895Ruotsalainen Teaatteri TampereellaFinland 
The Lady from the Sea2nd August 1994Russell Street TheatreAustralia 
Lille Eyolf13th October 1991SakshaugNorway 
Lille Eyolf18th September 1991SandefjordNorway 
The Lady From the Sea27th February 1932SarniaCanada 
Lille Eyolf22nd October 1991SarpsborgNorway 
Lady Inger of Östråt28th January 1906Scala TheatreEngland 
The Lady from the Sea28th April 1993Seaver Theatre, Pomona CollegeUnited States of America 
بانوی دریایی (The Lady from the Sea)23rd December 2013Senoghte TheaterIran 
The Lady from the Sea (Lady from the Sea / 海上夫人)11th November 2022Shànghǎi Guójì Wǔdǎo Zhōngxīn (Shanghai International Dance Center)China 
Little Eyolf17th August 2006Sixth Penn TheatreUnited States of America 
Lille Eyolf4th April 2014Sjøborg kulturhusNorway 
Lille Eyolf14th November 1991SkienNorway 
Lille Eyolf16th June 1895Skiens TeaterNorway 
Lille Eyolf24th April 2006Skive TheaterDenmark 
Lille Eyolf9th June 1895Skive TheaterDenmark 
Lille Eyolf31st March 2006Slagelse TeaterDenmark 
Lille Eyolf18th June 1895Slagelse TeaterDenmark 
Little Eyolf20th August 1968Southampton CollegeUnited States of America 
Lille Eyolf19th October 2006SparresalenSweden 
The Lady from the Sea10th January 2003St James CavalierMalta 
The Lady From The Sea8th May 1975St Martins Youth Arts CentreAustralia 
Lille Eyolf10th March 1895St. PetersburgRussia 
The Lady from the Sea30th September 2005St. Stephen's TheaterUnited States of America 
Lille Eyolf9th October 2006Stadsteatern i FalunSweden 
Lille Eyolf19th April 2006Stadttheater FlensburgGermany 
Lille Eyolf23rd May 1895StavangerNorway 
Lille Eyolf25th June 1895Stavanger TeaterNorway 
Little Eyolf5th April 2008Stoke St. Gregory Village HallEngland 
Lille Eyolf30th January 1895Stora TeaternSweden1
Lille Eyolf16th April 2018Storemolla, Lofoten KulturhusNorway 
Lille Eyolf2nd April 2014Storfjord kulturhusNorway 
Lille Eyolf9th April 2018Stormen konserthusNorway 
Lille Eyolf11th November 2006StorsjöteaternSweden 
Lille Eyolf14th September 2002StribergSweden 
Little Eyolf27th October 1988Studio 14England 
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