Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenue CountryResources
Lille Eyolf15th October 1991TynsetNorway 
Little Eyolf2nd February 1979Tyrone Guthrie TheaterUnited States 
Lille Eyolf24th June 1895TønsbergNorway 
Lille Eyolf19th September 1991TønsbergNorway 
Lille Eyolf9th April 2006Taastrup TeaterDenmark 
Lille Eyolf30th September 1991UlefossNorway 
The Lady from the Sea7th November 2018Undermain TheatreUnited States 
The Lady from the Sea12th December 1911United StatesUnited States 
The Lady from the Sea1916United StatesUnited States 
The Lady from the Sea1929United StatesUnited States 
Lille Eyolf7th September 1990Universitetet i UrbygningenNorway 
Little Eyolf7th September 1991Universitetet i UrbygningenNorway 
The Liar - Part III of the Peer Gynt Project / Løgneren - frit efter Peer Gynt16th September 2006University of Iowa Theatre DepartmentUnited States 
The Lady From The Sea5th November 2004University TheatreUnited States 
Little Eyolf10th April 1979University Theatre, Indiana UniversityUnited States 
Lady from the Sea14th November 2019University Theatre, Indiana UniversityUnited States 
Leļļu Nams26th March 1994Valmieras Dramas TeatrisLatvia 
Lille Eyolf15th February 1895Vardø TheaterNorway 
Lille Eyolf14th March 1895VasateaternSweden 
The League of Youth25th February 1900Vaudeville TheatreEngland 
Lille Eyolf13th June 1895Vejle TeaterDenmark 
Lille Eyolf11th October 1991VerdalNorway 
Lille Eyolf3rd May 2018VerdensteatretNorway 
Lyver du Peer?1992VestfoldNorway 
Lille Eyolf25th April 2006Viborg TeaterDenmark 
Lille Eyolf8th June 1895Viborg TeaterDenmark 
Lille Eyolf22nd February 1895Viborgs TeaterRussia 
Little Dead Lady30th January 2019Video PoolCanada 
Lille Eyolf4th May 2018VinjehusetNorway 
Lille Eyolf6th September 2002VästeråsSweden 
Lille Eyolf18th October 2006Växjö TeaterSweden 
Lille Eyolf10th May 2002Wadköping friluftsmuseumSweden 
Lille Eyolf9th March 1966Wasa Teater - Österbottens TeaterFinland 
The Lady from the Sea10th May 1978Watford Palace TheatreEngland 
The Lady From the Sea20th February 1947West Balcony Theatre, Pasadena PlayhouseUnited States 
League of Youth19th February 1948West Balcony Theatre, Pasadena PlayhouseUnited States 
The Lady from the Sea15th June 1994West Yorkshire PlayhouseEngland 
The Lady from the Sea12th October 1979Westside Repertory TheatreUnited States 
Little Eyolf15th April 1998Westside Repertory TheatreUnited States 
Little Eyolf22nd November 1913Wichita College of Music (Witchita College of Music)United States 
Little Eyolf22nd October 1985Yale Repertory Theatre, University TheatreUnited States 
The Lady from the Sea29th November 2000Yvonne Arnaud TheatreEngland 
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