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The Lady from the Sea25th February 2022Court TheatreUnited States 
Love's Comedy (Love's Comedy)28th November 1905Cripplegate InstituteEngland 
Lille Eyolf (Lille Eyolf)4th November 2006CylindahallenSweden 
Leļļu Nams (Lellu nams)28th August 1996DalateaternSweden 
Love's Comedy2nd February 2019Dalnavert Museum and Visitors' CentreCanada 
Lille Eyolf (Lille Eyolf)24th May 2006Den Nationale SceneNorway1
Lille Eyolf (Lille Eyolf)29th August 2006Den Nationale SceneNorway 
Lille Eyolf (Lille Eyolf)6th March 1923Den Nationale SceneNorway 
Lille Eyolf20th May 2022Den Nationale SceneNorway 
Lille Eyolf20th May 2022Den Nationale SceneNorway 
Lille Eyolf (Lille Eyolf)13th March 1895Det Kongelige TeaterDenmark 
Lille Eyolf7th March 2006Det Kongelige TeaterDenmark 
The Lady from the Sea (The Lady from the Sea)20th May 2006DhakaBangladesh2
Nora - Lutkina Kuća (Nora - A Doll's House)15th August 2022Dom kulture na Mišaru (House of Culture in Mišar)Serbia 
The Lady from the Sea12th October 2017Donmar WarehouseEngland 
Lille Eyolf22nd October 1968DR TV (Danish Television)Denmark 
The League of Youth1st March 1979Drama Committee Repertory TheatreUnited States 
Lille Eyolf (Lille Eyolf)17th November 1991DrammenNorway 
Lille Eyolf (Lille Eyolf)10th November 1998Drammens TeaterNorway 
The Lady from the Sea14th November 1961Dublin Gate Theatre (Gate Theatre)Ireland 
The Lady from the Sea8th August 1945Dublin Gate Theatre (Gate Theatre)Ireland 
Lady from the Sea (Lady from the Sea)15th April 2016E. C. Mabie Theatre, University of IowaUnited States 
The Lady from the Sea16th March 1950East Balcony Theatre, Pasadena PlayhouseUnited States 
Love's Comedy22nd July 1983Eddy TheaterUnited States 
Little Eyolf22nd June 1984Eddy TheaterUnited States 
The Lady from the Sea21st February 2014EgoPo classic theater, Christ Church Neighborhood HouseUnited States 
Little Eyolf4th December 1951Eldred TheatreUnited States 
Little Eyolf12th June 1945Embassy TheatreEngland 
Little Eyolf (Little Eyolf)13th October 2005Emrys Jones Studio TheatreCanada 
The Lady from the Sea6th July 2020EnglandEngland 
Little Eyolf18th December 1963EnglandEngland 
The Lady from the Sea24th August 1958EnglandEngland 
The Lady from the Sea10th May 1953EnglandEngland 
Lille Eyolf30th April 2006ErikstrupscenenDenmark 
Lille Eyolf6th April 2006Esbjerg TeaterDenmark 
Lille Eyolf (Lille Eyolf)14th June 1895Esbjerg TeaterDenmark 
Little Eyolf3rd December 1928Everyman TheatreEngland 
The Lady from the Sea (The Lady from the Sea)13th May 2006Experimental Theatre Hall Shilpakala AcademyBangladesh 
Lille Eyolf (Lille Eyolf)24th September 1991FarsundNorway 
Lille Eyolf (Lille Eyolf)11th April 2014Festiviteten Kristiansund (Festiviteten)Norway 
Lille Eyolf (Lille Eyolf)16th October 1998Festiviteten Skien (store scene) (Festiviteten (store scene))Norway 
The lady from the sea6th July 1980Focus TheatreIreland 
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