Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountry Resources
Lille Eyolf4th May 2018VinjehusetNorway 
Lille Eyolf6th May 2018Tokke kulturhusNorway 
Lille Eyolf15th March 2018Nordland TeaterNorway1
Lille Eyolf4th April 2018Mosjøen KulturhusNorway 
Lille Eyolf5th April 2018Brønnøysund SamfunnshusNorway 
Lille Eyolf7th April 2018KulturbadetNorway 
Lille Eyolf9th April 2018Stormen konserthusNorway 
Lille Eyolf11th April 2018HamsunsenteretNorway 
Lille Eyolf12th April 2018Teatersalen, Narvik KulturhusNorway 
Lille Eyolf14th April 2018Kulturfabrikken SortlandNorway 
Lille Eyolf15th April 2018Meieriet KultursenterNorway 
Lille Eyolf16th April 2018Storemolla, Lofoten KulturhusNorway 
Lille Eyolf17th September 2018Nationaltheatret AmfiscenenNorway 
Lille Eyolf24th May 2019Nationaltheatret HovedscenenNorway1
Lille Eyolf20th May 2022Den Nationale SceneNorway 
Lille Eyolf20th May 2022Den Nationale SceneNorway 
Little Eyolf15th November 2023Teatro da ComunaPortugal1
Liga tineretului7th November 1932Teatrul National BucurestiRomania 
Légvár (Castelul de iluzii)17th May 2008Teatrul de Nord Satu MareRomania 
Légvár (Castelul de iluzii)11th April 2008Teatrul de Nord Satu MareRomania 
Femeia marii25th May 2019Teatrul "Tony Bulandra"Romania 
Lille Eyolf22nd February 1895Viborgs TeaterRussia 
Lille Eyolf10th March 1895St. PetersburgRussia 
The Lady from the Sea11th September 1988Glasgow Citizens' TheatreScotland 
Little Eyolf26th August 1963Royal Lyceum TheatreScotland 
The Lady from the Sea. By Craig Armstrong. After the play by Henrik Ibsen.29th August 2012King's TheatreScotland 
The Lady from the Sea. By Craig Armstrong. After the play by Henrik Ibsen.8th September 2012Theatre RoyalScotland 
Little Wolfie22nd August 2016The Space on the Mile (V39)Scotland 
Nora - Lutkina Kuća (Nora - A Doll's House)15th August 2022Dom kulture na Mišaru (House of Culture in Mišar)Serbia 
Little Eyolf11th December 1936Pumin'gwanSouth Korea 
El legado de los Rosmer21st February 1983Televisión Española (TVE)Spain 
L’ànec salvatge14th March 1931Teatre Olimp (Teatro Olimpo)Spain 
Leļļu Nams28th August 1996DalateaternSweden 
Lille Eyolf30th January 1895Stora TeaternSweden1
Lille Eyolf7th March 1895Malmö TeaterSweden 
Lille Eyolf10th March 1895Hälsingborgs TheatreSweden 
Lille Eyolf14th March 1895VasateaternSweden 
Lille Eyolf2nd November 1991SundsvallSweden 
Lille Eyolf4th November 1991HallundaSweden 
Lyver du Peer?24th October 1996Bohusläns TeaterSweden1
Lille Eyolf27th October 1968Sveriges Radio P1Sweden 
Lille Eyolf27th April 2002Kumla Folkets HusSweden 
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