Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenue CountryResources
An Enemy of the People17th March 2011Luther CollegeUnited States 
Un Ennemi du peuple26th May 2021Lycée BillesSenegal 
Un Ennemi du peuple6th May 2021Lycée Cheick Omar Tall NafooreSenegal 
Un Ennemi du peuple8th May 2021Lycée de ThiaroyeSenegal 
An Enemy of the People5th March 1909Lyceum TheatreUnited States 
An Enemy of the People16th April 1991Lyric Theatre HammersmithEngland 
人民公敌 (An Enemy of the People) (Renmin Gongdi)16th January 2015Ma An Shan Grand TheatreChina 
An Enemy of the People29th October 1982Maddermarket TheatreEngland 
Un ennemi du peuple23rd October 1997Maison de Culture Famenne-Ardenne, MarcheBelgium 
Ennemi public24th February 2012Maison de la Culture de BourgesFrance 
Un ennemi du peuple5th October 1995Maison de la Culture de Loire-AtlantiqueFrance 
Naroden nepriatel (An Enemy of the People)9th May 2022Makedonski Naroden Teatar (Macedonian National Theatre)Macedonia 
Народен Непријател/Народњи Непријатељ (Naroden Neprijatel)1923Makedonski Naroden Teatar (Macedonian National Theatre)Macedonia 
Un enemigo del pueblo28th August 1975MálagaSpain 
Ennemi public7th February 2012Malraux - Scène nationale Chambéry SavoieFrance 
An Enemy of the People4th November 2006Manchester LibraryUnited States 
An Enemy of the People6th September 1920Manhattan Opera HouseUnited States 
An Enemy of the People2nd October 2019Marjorie Lyons PlayhouseUnited States 
Un ennemi du peuple16th March 1897MarseilleFrance 
An Enemy of the People17th January 2020Marshall Performing Arts Center - Dudley Experimental TheatreUnited States 
An Enemy of the People16th March 2006Martha R. Tatum TheatreUnited States 
El pato salvaje9th February 2020Matadero MadridSpain 
Un Ennemi du peuple7th March 2019MC2 - Maison de la Culture de GrenobleFrance 
An Enemy of the people6th February 1990McCarter TheatreUnited States 
An Enemy of the People12th June 2014McSorley’s SquareVietnam 
An Enemy of the People1st March 2007Memorial Hall Wish TheaterUnited States 
An Enemy of the People20th March 1991Merrimack Repertory TheatreUnited States 
Un Enemigo del pueblo6th September 1974MexicoMexico 
An Enemy of People12th November 2009Miller Center for the Arts, Reading Area Community CollegeUnited States 
Un Ennemi du Peuple9th October 2008MinskBelarus 
An Enemy of the People11th April 2011Mitchell AuditoriumUnited States 
Enemy of the People21st September 2013Mladinski Kulturen Centar (MKC) (Youth Cultural Center Skopje)Macedonia 
Eyolfek18th May 2013Moravské divadlo OlomoucCzech Republic 
An Enemy of the People25th November 1969Moray House TheatreScotland 
Enas echthros tou laou8th February 2013Morfes EkfrasisGreece 
An Enemy of the People27th December 2018Morinomiya Piloti HallJapan 
Edda Gabler19th February 1899Moskovskij Chudožestvennyj akademičeskij teatrRussia 
An Enemy of the People20th July 2006Mulitz-Gudelsky Theatre LabUnited States 
An Enemy of the People11th October 2013Mullion SchoolEngland 
An Enemy of the People10th October 2019Museum of the RockiesUnited States 
An Enemy of the People28th March 2008Namel Malani Punchi TheatreSri Lanka 
《人民公敌》事件(Event of Enemy of the People) (Renmin gongdi shijian)28th November 2014Nanjing Jiangnan TheatreChina