Event An Enemy of the People
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DescriptionTour: / March 5, 1909: Lyceum Theatre. New York (US) / From April 2. 1909: New Auditorium at Cornell University. Ithaca (US)
VenueLyceum Theatre, Fourth Avenue, New York, United States
First Date5th March 1909
Opening Night5th March 1909
StatusProfessional Training Schools/Colleges
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.net
450296Baehr, Nathen, Nathen Baehr379ActorMorten
450296Baehr, Nathen, Nathen Baehr379ActorEjlif
450344Ball, J.T.,J. T. Ball (J.T. Ball)379ActorOther roles
450293Ballentine, E. F.,E. F. Ballentine (E. F. Ballentine)379ActorMrs. Katherine Stockmann
450345Bennett, H.S.,H. S. Bennett (H.S. Bennett)379ActorOther roles
450346Betts, B.F.,B. F. Betts (B.F. Betts)379ActorOther roles
450329Bird, F.H.,F. H. Bird (F.H. Bird)379ActorOther roles
450330Blackmore, D.P.,D. P. Blackmore (D.P. Blackmore)379ActorOther roles
450299Blanton, Smiley, Smiley Blanton379ActorMorten Kiil
450312Bollman, Henry, Henry Bollman379Actora citizenLeading citizen
450313Bundy, M.W.,M. W. Bundy (M.W. Bundy)379Actora citizenLeading citizen
450347Carter, W.A.,W. A. Carter (W.A. Carter)379ActorOther roles
450314Chaimowitz, H., H. Chaimowitz379Actora citizenLeading citizen
450316Clark, W.D.,W. D. Clark (W.D. Clark)379ActorOther roles
450317Cummin, H., H. Cummin379ActorOther roles
450331Daviddson, C.H.,C. H. Daviddson (C.H. Daviddson)379ActorOther roles
450311Davie, P.M.,P. M. Davie (P.M. Davie)379Actora citizenLeading citizen
450348Davis, H.K.,H. K. Davis (H.K. Davis)379ActorOther roles
450349Delano, C., C. Delano379ActorOther roles
450308Dershuck, J.R.,J. R. Dershuck (J.R. Dershuck)379Actora drunk man
450302Diamant, Albert, Albert Diamant379ActorCaptain Horster
450351Dold, J.P.,J. P. Dold (J.P. Dold)379ActorOther roles
450350Dresser, S.R.,S. R. Dresser (S.R. Dresser)379ActorOther roles
450323Edgerton, H.W.,H. W. Edgerton (H.W. Edgerton)379ActorOther roles
450352Elwood, Jr., P.H.,P. H. Elwood, Jr. (P.H. Elwood, Jr.)379ActorOther roles
450310Fernow, Fritz, Fritz Fernow379Actora citizenLeading citizen
450300Fogg, W.S.,W. S. Fogg (W.S. Fogg)379ActorMorten Kiil
450298Friedenrich, Morton, Morton Friedenrich379ActorPeter Stockmann
450324Friedman, E., E. Friedman379ActorOther roles
450332Gaffney, H., H. Gaffney379ActorOther roles
450306Gilbert, A.H.,A. H. Gilbert (A.H. Gilbert)379ActorAslaksen
450304Griffith, E.E.,E. E. Griffith (E.E. Griffith)379ActorBilling
450318Haswell, J.R.,J. R. Haswell (J.R. Haswell)379ActorOther roles
450319Hilborn, W.H.,W. H. Hilborn (W.H. Hilborn)379ActorOther roles
450333Hollander, A.A.,A. A. Hollander (A.A. Hollander)379ActorOther roles
450353Horn, H.F.,H. F. Horn (H.F. Horn)379ActorOther roles
450307Houser, S.O.,S. O. Houser (S.O. Houser)379ActorAslaksen
450334Howland, C.A.,C. A. Howland (C.A. Howland)379ActorOther roles
450309Joachim, W.B.,W. B. Joachim (W.B. Joachim)379Actora drunk man
450335Keasbey, R.Q.,R. Q. Keasbey (R.Q. Keasbey)379ActorOther roles
450303Keeman, W.M.,W. M. Keeman (W.M. Keeman)379ActorCaptain Horster
450292Keenan, Reta E.,Reta E. Keenan (Reta E. Keenan)379ActorMrs. Katherine Stockmann
450337Lane, J.C.,J. C. Lane (J.C. Lane)379ActorOther roles
450336Lattin, J.D.B.,J. D. B. Lattin (J.D.B. Lattin)379ActorOther roles
450294Macklin, Ouida, Ouida Macklin379ActorPetra
450338McLean, J.C.,J. C. McLean (J.C. McLean)379ActorOther roles
450339Meldrum, A.S.,A. S. Meldrum (A.S. Meldrum)379ActorOther roles
450354Messner, A.J.,A. J. Messner (A.J. Messner)379ActorOther roles
450325Mish, W.G.,W. G. Mish (W.G. Mish)379ActorOther roles
450355Moore, F., F. Moore379ActorOther roles
450305Morgenthau, Jr., H., H. Morgenthau, Jr.379ActorBilling
450320Neal, C.C.,C. C. Neal (C.C. Neal)379ActorOther roles
450340Nitzschke, A.J.,A. J. Nitzschke (A.J. Nitzschke)379ActorOther roles
450357Parkhurst, G.M.,G. M. Parkhurst (G.M. Parkhurst)379Actora citizen
450315Peters, J.W.,J. W. Peters (J.W. Peters)379Actora citizenLeading citizen
450356Phillips, W.H.,W. H. Phillips (W.H. Phillips)379ActorOther roles
450326Piper, J.S.,J. S. Piper (J.S. Piper)379ActorOther roles
450297Riley, A.D.,A. D. Riley (A.D. Riley)379ActorMorten
450297Riley, A.D.,A. D. Riley (A.D. Riley)379ActorEjlif
450341Rodenheiser, L.A.,L. A. Rodenheiser (L.A. Rodenheiser)379ActorOther roles
450301Rose, W.P.,W. P. Rose (W.P. Rose)379ActorHovstad
450327Russell, W., W. Russell379ActorOther roles
450342Rutledge, J.E.,J. E. Rutledge (J.E. Rutledge)379ActorOther roles
450295Seigler, F. M.,F. M. Seigler (F. M. Seigler)379ActorPetra
450321Stone, D.O.,D. O. Stone (D.O. Stone)379ActorOther roles
450358Strohm, H.C.,H. C. Strohm (H.C. Strohm)379Actora citizen
450343Thomassen, V.G.,V. G. Thomassen (V.G. Thomassen)379ActorOther roles
450322Tuller, J.D.,J. D. Tuller (J.D. Tuller)379ActorOther roles
450359Weiss, H.A.J.,H. A. J. Weiss (H.A.J. Weiss)379Actora citizen
450360White, W.A.,W. A. White (W.A. White)379Actora citizen
450361Whited, E.W.,E. W. Whited (E.W. Whited)379Actora citizen
450328Wich, B., B. Wich379ActorOther roles
450291Zieget, Julius, Julius Zieget379ActorDr. Thomas Stockmann
450290Blanton, Simon, Simon Blanton375Director
426902Ibsen, Henrik, Henrik Ibsen386Playwright
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Enemy of the People, AnAn Enemy of the People1909-04-0280800
Production NationalityUnited States
Performance languageEnglish
Further InformationCornell Dramatic Club was founded on March 22, 1909 by the students engaged in this production.
Event Identifier80799
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