Event An Enemy of the People
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DescriptionTour: March 5, 1909: Lyceum Theatre. New York (US) From April 2. 1909: New Auditorium at Cornell University. Ithaca (US)
VenueLyceum Theatre, Fourth Avenue, New York, United States
First Date5th March 1909
Opening Night5th March 1909
StatusProfessional Training Schools/Colleges
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.net
Nathen BaehrActorEjlif
Nathen BaehrActorMorten
J. T. Ball (J.T. Ball)ActorOther roles
E. F. Ballentine (E. F. Ballentine)ActorMrs. Katherine Stockmann
H. S. Bennett (H.S. Bennett)ActorOther roles
B. F. Betts (B.F. Betts)ActorOther roles
F. H. Bird (F.H. Bird)ActorOther roles
D. P. Blackmore (D.P. Blackmore)ActorOther roles
Smiley BlantonActorMorten Kiil
Henry BollmanActora citizenLeading citizen
M. W. Bundy (M.W. Bundy)Actora citizenLeading citizen
W. A. Carter (W.A. Carter)ActorOther roles
H. ChaimowitzActora citizenLeading citizen
W. D. Clark (W.D. Clark)ActorOther roles
H. CumminActorOther roles
C. H. Daviddson (C.H. Daviddson)ActorOther roles
P. M. Davie (P.M. Davie)Actora citizenLeading citizen
H. K. Davis (H.K. Davis)ActorOther roles
C. DelanoActorOther roles
J. R. Dershuck (J.R. Dershuck)Actora drunk man
Albert DiamantActorCaptain Horster
J. P. Dold (J.P. Dold)ActorOther roles
S. R. Dresser (S.R. Dresser)ActorOther roles
H. W. Edgerton (H.W. Edgerton)ActorOther roles
P. H. Elwood, Jr. (P.H. Elwood, Jr.)ActorOther roles
Fritz FernowActora citizenLeading citizen
W. S. Fogg (W.S. Fogg)ActorMorten Kiil
Morton FriedenrichActorPeter Stockmann
E. FriedmanActorOther roles
H. GaffneyActorOther roles
A. H. Gilbert (A.H. Gilbert)ActorAslaksen
E. E. Griffith (E.E. Griffith)ActorBilling
J. R. Haswell (J.R. Haswell)ActorOther roles
W. H. Hilborn (W.H. Hilborn)ActorOther roles
A. A. Hollander (A.A. Hollander)ActorOther roles
H. F. Horn (H.F. Horn)ActorOther roles
S. O. Houser (S.O. Houser)ActorAslaksen
C. A. Howland (C.A. Howland)ActorOther roles
W. B. Joachim (W.B. Joachim)Actora drunk man
R. Q. Keasbey (R.Q. Keasbey)ActorOther roles
W. M. Keeman (W.M. Keeman)ActorCaptain Horster
Reta E. Keenan (Reta E. Keenan)ActorMrs. Katherine Stockmann
J. C. Lane (J.C. Lane)ActorOther roles
J. D. B. Lattin (J.D.B. Lattin)ActorOther roles
Ouida MacklinActorPetra
J. C. McLean (J.C. McLean)ActorOther roles
A. S. Meldrum (A.S. Meldrum)ActorOther roles
A. J. Messner (A.J. Messner)ActorOther roles
W. G. Mish (W.G. Mish)ActorOther roles
F. MooreActorOther roles
H. Morgenthau, Jr.ActorBilling
C. C. Neal (C.C. Neal)ActorOther roles
A. J. Nitzschke (A.J. Nitzschke)ActorOther roles
G. M. Parkhurst (G.M. Parkhurst)Actora citizen
J. W. Peters (J.W. Peters)Actora citizenLeading citizen
W. H. Phillips (W.H. Phillips)ActorOther roles
J. S. Piper (J.S. Piper)ActorOther roles
A. D. Riley (A.D. Riley)ActorMorten
A. D. Riley (A.D. Riley)ActorEjlif
L. A. Rodenheiser (L.A. Rodenheiser)ActorOther roles
W. P. Rose (W.P. Rose)ActorHovstad
W. RussellActorOther roles
J. E. Rutledge (J.E. Rutledge)ActorOther roles
F. M. Seigler (F. M. Seigler)ActorPetra
D. O. Stone (D.O. Stone)ActorOther roles
H. C. Strohm (H.C. Strohm)Actora citizen
V. G. Thomassen (V.G. Thomassen)ActorOther roles
J. D. Tuller (J.D. Tuller)ActorOther roles
H. A. J. Weiss (H.A.J. Weiss)Actora citizen
W. A. White (W.A. White)Actora citizen
E. W. Whited (E.W. Whited)Actora citizen
B. WichActorOther roles
Julius ZiegetActorDr. Thomas Stockmann
Simon BlantonDirector
Henrik IbsenPlaywright
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An Enemy of the People1909-04-0280800
Production NationalityUnited States
Performance languageEnglish
Further InformationCornell Dramatic Club was founded on March 22, 1909 by the students engaged in this production.
Event Identifier80799