Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenue CountryResources
The People - A Zimbabwean adaptation of An Enemy of the People (An Enemy of the People)27th September 2011Theatre in the ParkZimbabwe 
L'ennemi du peuple31st October 1990Théâtre Jean DuceppeCanada 
Un ennemi du peuple9th March 2023Théâtre Jean-ArpFrance 
Un Ennemi du peuple16th October 2019Théâtre La PiscineFrance 
Ennemi public26th March 2011Théâtre Louis AragonFrance 
Enta Gkampler20th December 1946Theatre MoasatEgypt 
An Enemy of the People7th November 2019Theatre Morin HeightsCanada 
Un ennemi du peuple2nd May 1996Théâtre National de BelgiqueBelgium 
Un ennemi du peuple28th January 1997Théâtre National de BelgiqueBelgium 
Un ennemi du peuple23rd September 1997Théâtre National de BelgiqueBelgium 
Un Ennemi du peuple19th May 2021Théâtre national de Bordeaux en AquitaineFrance 
Ennemi public20th March 2012Théâtre National de BretagneFrance 
Un ennemi du peuple6th May 1998Théâtre National de la CollineFrance 
Un Ennemi du peuple22nd January 2020Théâtre National de Marseille, La CriéeFrance 
Un Ennemi du peuple11th December 2019Théâtre National de StrasbourgFrance 
Ennemi public16th February 2011Théâtre National de ToulouseFrance 
An Enemy of the People26th September 1904Theatre of the Artistic SocietyGeorgia 
An Enemy of the People28th September 2006Theatre OutbackUnited States 
Enta Gkampler28th September 1946Theatre RitzEgypt 
Un ennemi du peuple12th January 1977Théâtre Roger SalengroFrance 
Un ennemi du peuple8th December 1893Théâtre Royal du ParcBelgium 
D'entre les morts6th November 2006Théâtre Royal du ParcBelgium 
An Enemy of the People14th June 1893Theatre Royal HaymarketEngland 
An Enemy of the People19th June 1890Theatre Royal HaymarketEngland 
An Enemy of the People1st June 1954Theatre Royal Stratford EastEngland 
Un ennemi du peuple22nd May 2014Théâtre Saint-LouisFrance2
Enta Gkampler30th November 1949Theatre SesTurkey 
Edin predatel3rd March 1898Theatre SofiaBulgaria 
Un Ennemi du peuple8th March 2018Théâtre SoranoFrance 
Un Ennemi du peuple2nd April 2019Théâtre SoranoFrance 
Eyolf (Quelque chose en moi me ronge)1st February 2013Théâtre sortieOuestFrance 
Un Ennemi du Peuple2nd April 2008Théâtre universitaire de Franche-ComtéFrance 
[An Enemy of the People] (Japanese)14th September 1999Theatre XJapan 
An Enemy of the People22nd June 2019Theatricum BotanicumUnited States 
Enta Gkampler19th March 1940Theatro AchilleionGreece 
Enta Gkampler16th March 1985Theatro AdonisGreece 
Enta Gkampler27th November 1939Theatro AlampraEgypt 
Enta Gkampler17th March 1939Theatro AlikisGreece 
Ο εχθρός του λαού (O echthros tou laou)25th December 1993Theatro AlkyonisGreece 
Enta Gkampler16th November 2006Theatro Altera ParsGreece1
Enta Gkampler19th January 1989Theatro AmaliaGreece 
Enta Gkampler16th March 1994Theatro AmoreGreece