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Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountryResources
Lille Eyolf15th March 2018Nordland TeaterNorway, Mo i Rana, Rådhusalleen 6 
Lille Eyolf4th April 2018Mosjøen KulturhusNorway, Mosjøen, Smågan 2 
Lille Eyolf5th April 2018Brønnøysund SamfunnshusNorway, Brønnøysund, Brønnøysund 
Lille Eyolf7th April 2018KulturbadetNorway, Sandnessjøen, Torolv Kveldulvsons gate 10 
Lille Eyolf9th April 2018Stormen konserthusNorway, Bodø, Storgata 1B 
Lille Eyolf11th April 2018HamsunsenteretNorway, Hamarøy, Hamarøy 
Lille Eyolf12th April 2018Teater IbsenNorway, Skien, Hollenderigata 
Lille Eyolf12th April 2018Teatersalen, Narvik KulturhusNorway, Narvik, Kongensgate 44 
Lille Eyolf14th April 2018Kulturfabrikken SortlandNorway, Sortland, Strandgata 1 
Lille Eyolf15th April 2018Meieriet KultursenterNorway, Leknes, Storgata 27 
Lille Eyolf16th April 2018Storemolla, Lofoten KulturhusNorway, Svolvær, Torget 
Lille Eyolf19th April 2018The Print RoomEngland, London, 103 Notting Hill Gate 
Lille Eyolf22nd April 2018Granvin KulturhusNorway, Seljord, Nyveg 16 
Lille Eyolf24th April 2018Notodden TeaterNorway, Notodden, Teatergata 3 
Lille Eyolf25th April 2018Gullbring kulturanleggNorway, Bø, Gullbringvegen 34 
Lille Eyolf26th April 2018Nøtterøy KulturhusNorway, Nøtterøy, Tinghaugveien 14 
Lille Eyolf27th April 2018Kulturhuset BølgenNorway, Larvik 
Lille Eyolf29th April 2018Bakkenteigen KulturhusNorway, Horten, Raveien 197 
Lille Eyolf3rd May 2018VerdensteatretNorway, Rjukan, Storstulgata 1 
Lille Eyolf4th May 2018VinjehusetNorway, Vinje, Vinje 
Lille Eyolf6th May 2018Tokke kulturhusNorway, Dalen, Storvegen 211 
The League of Youth6th July 2018Trinity Parish ChurchUnited States, Seattle, 609 8th Ave 
Lille Eyolf17th September 2018Nationaltheatret AmfiscenenNorway, Oslo, Johanne Dybwads plass 1 
The Lady from the Sea7th November 2018Undermain TheatreUnited States, Dallas, 3200 Main St 
海上夫人(Lady from the Sea) (Haishang Furen)31st December 2018National Centre for the Performing ArtsChina, Xicheng, Beijing, 2 W Chang'an Ave 
Little Dead Lady30th January 2019Video PoolCanada, Winnipeg, 100 Albert Street 
Love's Comedy2nd February 2019Dalnavert Museum and Visitors' CentreCanada, Winnipeg, 61 Carlton St 
The Youth League3rd February 2019Tom Hendry Warehouse TheaterCanada, Winnipeg, 140 Rupert Ave 
The Lady from the Sea13th February 2019The Print RoomEngland, London, 103 Notting Hill Gate 
Lille Eyolf24th May 2019Nationaltheatret HovedscenenNorway, Oslo, Johanne Dybwads plass 1 
Los Cobardes (según Hedda Gabler de Henrik Ibsen)1st June 2019El PrincipalSpain, Santander, Pje. de Peña, 1 
Lady from the Sea14th November 2019University Theatre, Indiana UniversityUnited States, Bloomington, 275 North Jordan Avenue 
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