Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountry Resources
Ghosts1st March 1908Van NessUnited States 
Ghosts1916New York CityUnited States 
Ghosts11th February 1905Barre Opera HouseUnited States 
Ghosts10th February 1905Blanchard Opera HouseUnited States 
Ghosts3rd January 1905Temple TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts9th January 1905The New TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts17th January 1905Schoenhofen HallUnited States 
Ghosts22nd February 1905Fay Opera HouseUnited States 
Ghosts10th March 1905Dania HallUnited States 
Ghosts15th June 1905Guild HallUnited States 
Ghosts25th November 1903The GrandUnited States 
Ghosts1st March 1904Helena TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts11th November 1903New Sedalia TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts16th March 1904The GrandUnited States 
Ghosts7th May 1904Avenue TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts30th October 1903The GrandUnited States 
Ghosts25th October 1903Opera HouseUnited States 
Ghosts16th November 1903Elk's TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts12th November 1903The GrandUnited States 
Ghosts26th November 1903Hancock Opera HouseUnited States 
Ghosts24th December 1903Mason Opera HouseUnited States 
Ghosts29th February 1904The GrandUnited States 
Ghosts26th February 1904Broadway TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts16th February 1904Lewinston Opera HouseUnited States 
Ghosts15th March 1904Illinois TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts23rd March 1904Gennett TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts4th April 1904Gallipolis Opera HouseUnited States 
Ghosts24th October 1903Montgomery TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts2nd June 2018Thymele ArtsUnited States 
Give Me The Sun15th September 2018The Lounge TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts10th November 2018Redtwist TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts4th December 2018Greenhill Center of the ArtsUnited States 
Ghosts2nd January 2019Jane B. Cook Theatre, FSU Center for the Performing ArtsUnited States 
Ghosts4th June 2010Buck Creek PlayersUnited States 
Ghosts31st July 2019Williamstown Theatre Festival Main StageUnited States 
Ghosts2nd October 2019Tarrant County College -Theatre southeastUnited States 
Ghosts - Ibsens Gengangere2nd April 2015Cullen Theater, Wortham Theater CenterUnited States 
Gnit7th March 2020Polonsky Shakespeare CenterUnited States 
GRIEG - Incidental music to Peer Gynt9th October 2017Symphony HallUnited States 
Ghosts BAM Harvey TheaterUnited States 
Ghosts1997United StatesUnited States 
GhostsJune 1915United StatesUnited States