Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountry Resources
Ghosts13th October 1993Sherman CymruWales 
Ghosts1st November 1993Clwyd Theatr CymruWales 
Ghosts9th November 1993Torch TheatreWales 
Ghosts25th September 2014Clwyd Theatr CymruWales 
Ghosts25th September 2014Y FfwrnesWales 
Ghosts22nd May 2012Chapter Arts CentreWales 
Ghosts5th April 2011Borough TheatreWales 
Ghosts6th April 2011Torch TheatreWales 
Ghosts5th May 2011ColiseumWales 
Ghosts12th May 2011Clwyd Theatr CymruWales 
Gjengangere20th May 1882Aurora Turner HallUnited States2
Die Gespenster27th March 1891Amberg TheaterUnited States 
Ghosts5th January 1894Berkeley Lyceum TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts25th January 1894Garden TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts18th April 1894Tremont TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts29th May 1899Carnegie LyceumUnited States 
Gespenster8th October 1907Irving Place TheatreUnited States 
Gespenster7th February 1928New York CityUnited States 
Ghosts10th November 1902BaltimoreUnited States 
Ghosts26th January 1903Manhattan TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts17th February 1903Hollis Street TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts3rd March 1903Mrs. Osborn's TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts7th May 1903McVicker’s TheaterUnited States 
Ghosts31st January 1904Grand Opera HouseUnited States 
Ghosts18th August 1904Burbank TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts24th October 1905Carson CityUnited States 
Ghosts9th January 1906Criterion TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts14th March 1912Garrick TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts12th May 1912Grand Opera HouseUnited States 
Ghosts10th February 1914Broad Street TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts20th April 1915Longacre Theatre (Little Studio)United States 
Ghosts7th May 1916Comedy TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts7th February 1919Longacre Theatre (Little Studio)United States 
Ghosts20th November 1920University of North CarolinaUnited States 
Ghosts31st January 1922Broadhurst TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts6th February 1922Punch and Judy TheaterUnited States 
Ghosts2nd April 1923The Charter Chroniclers of Chronicle HouseUnited States 
Ghosts1st December 1925Princess TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts11th February 1926Rockefeller HallUnited States 
Ghosts16th March 1926Comedy TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts12th January 1972Krannert Center for the Performing ArtsUnited States 
Ghosts13th November 1926The AuditoriumUnited States