Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountry Resources
Ghosts5th December 2007Helen Wayne Rauh Studio TheaterUnited States 
Ghosts20th February 2008Westhoff TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts26th February 2008The Pearl Theatre CompanyUnited States 
Ghosts26th March 1908Bowersock Opera HouseUnited States 
Ghosts2nd April 1908New Waterloo TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts20th September 1904Opera HouseUnited States 
Ghosts15th January 1905Opera HouseUnited States 
Ghosts16th March 1905Opera HouseUnited States 
Ghosts25th March 1905Lead Opera HouseUnited States 
Ghosts15th May 1905Kearney Opera HouseUnited States 
Ghosts29th April 1905American tourUnited States 
Ghosts13th February 1905The GrandUnited States 
Ghosts15th April 1905Opera HouseUnited States 
Ghosts25th January 1905AlcazarUnited States 
Ghosts13th February 1905AlcazarUnited States 
Ghosts16th February 1905AlcazarUnited States 
Ghosts19th July 1905Belasco TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts24th July 1905Belasco TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts28th July 1905Opera HouseUnited States 
Ghosts29th July 1905California TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts16th September 1905Mason Opera HouseUnited States 
Ghosts5th October 1905Macdonough TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts6th November 1905Woodland Opera HouseUnited States 
Ghosts10th November 1905Albany Opera HouseUnited States 
Ghosts20th November 1905The GrandUnited States 
Ghosts27th November 1905Keylor GrandUnited States 
Ghosts29th November 1905Ridgeway TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts1st December 1905Spokane TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts7th December 1905Margaret TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts10th December 1905Broadway TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts3rd November 1905McKissick's Opera HouseUnited States 
Ghosts11th October 1905Thatcher Opera HouseUnited States 
Ghosts4th December 1906Burbank TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts24th March 1893Metropolitan HotelUnited States 
Ghosts1913Little TheatreUnited States 
Ghosts22nd May 1896Malvern Opera HouseUnited States 
Ghosts17th February 1905Ye Liberty PlayhouseUnited States 
Ghosts30th September 1903AnnapolisUnited States 
Ghosts1st October 1903Academy of MusicUnited States 
Ghosts7th October 1903AuditoriumUnited States 
Ghosts13th October 1903Academy of MusicUnited States 
Ghosts12th October 1903Academy of MusicUnited States