Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountry Resources
Ghosts10th December 1956Players TheatreMexico 
Gespenster18th April 2018Grand Théâtre de la Ville de LuxembourgLuxembourg 
Gdy Umarli Obudzimy Się30th August 1907VilniusLithuania 
Gjengangere25th April 1989VilniusLithuania 
Gespenster23rd January 1904Saal des GewerbevereinsLatvia 
Gespenster3rd November 1909Saal des GewerbevereinsLatvia 
Heda Gāblere26th February 1978Liepājas TeātrisLatvia 
[Gengangere] (japansk)4th November 1921Tetsudokai AuditoriumJapan 
Ghosts 2.022nd November 2014TokyoJapan 
Gengangere18th February 2010KinderspaceJapan 
[Gengangere] (japansk)28th April 1976Akosha StudioJapan 
[Gengangere] (japansk)15th January 1925Tsukiji Little TheatreJapan 
[Gengangere] (japansk)12th January 1912Yurakuza TheatreJapan 
[Ghosts] (Japanese)29th August 2001Sakurakai StudioJapan 
[Gengangere] (japansk)9th July 1964Maison Franco-JaponaiseJapan 
[Ghosts] (Japanese)18th September 1997Kinokuniya Southern TheatreJapan 
[Gengangere] (japansk)21st April 1918Ushigome Geijutsu ClubJapan 
[Ghosts] (Japanese)29th September 1994Tokyo Metropolitan Art SpaceJapan 
[Gengangere] (japansk)7th December 1965Kinokuniya HallJapan 
[Ghosts] (Japanese)20th June 1998Kid Ailac Art HallJapan 
[Ghosts] (Japanese)15th July 1987Ginza Miyukikan TheatreJapan 
[Gengangere] (japansk)11th December 1931Hikokan HallJapan 
[Gengangere] (japansk)7th November 1914The Sanjo Seinen Kaikan HallJapan 
[Gengangere] (japansk)13th April 1956Haiyuza Theatre (Actors' Theatre)Japan 
Gengangere16th June 2006Shinseikan StudioJapan 
[Ghosts] (Japanese)21st November 1991Toyama prefectural hall for Education and CultureJapan 
Ghosts - Composition/Ibsen1st December 2006TokyoJapan 
Ghosts22nd November 2006Theatre XJapan 
[Gengangere] (japansk)13th October 1950Shimbun Kaikan HallJapan 
[Gengangere] (japansk)26th September 1984Meien Little TheatreJapan 
[Gengangere] (japansk)11th November 1922Yurakuza TheatreJapan 
[Gengangere] (japansk)23rd February 1930Hibiya Public HallJapan 
[Gengangere] (japansk)19th November 1960Hitotsubashi AuditoriumJapan 
[Gengangere] (japansk)11th February 1976Haiyuza Theatre (Actors' Theatre)Japan 
[Gengangere] (japansk) (Ghosts)6th December 1977Susukida StudioJapan 
[Gengangere] (japansk)14th October 1963Kyoto Kaikan Hall (Kyoto Kaikan)Japan 
[Ghosts] (Japanese)18th June 1987Kyoto Prefectural Center for Arts and CultureJapan 
[Ghosts] (Japanese)12th November 1999Mini-Theatre KyoJapan 
[Ghosts] (Japanese) (Ghosts Japanese)8th December 1994Nijinokai StudioJapan 
[Gengangere] (japansk)14th September 1955Haiyuza Theatre (Actors' Theatre)Japan 
[Gengangere] (japansk)11th September 1954Ohkuma AuditoriumJapan 
Peer Gynt9th February 1978Haiyuza Theatre (Actors' Theatre)Japan