Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountry Resources
Forbidden Ground14th December 2006Lusaka PlayhouseZambia1
Forbidden Ground8th October 2010Lusaka PlayhouseZambia 
The First Act of A Doll's House17th October 1930Carnegie LyceumUnited States 
Die Frau vom Meere26th April 1906Irving Place TheatreUnited States 
The Former Miss Barstow with every Tom, Dick and Harry in a doll’s house19th September 1987315 South Hewitt StreetUnited States5
The Further Adventures of Hedda Gabler8th January 2006South Coast RepertoryUnited States5
´The Further Adventures of Hedda Gabler´ by Jeff Whitty15th April 2008Angus Bowmer TheatreUnited States 
´The Further Adventures of Hedda Gabler´ by Jeff Whitty25th September 2008The Viaduct TheaterUnited States 
´The Further Adventures of Hedda Gabler´ by Jeff Whitty11th December 2008Sierra Canyon Black Box TheatreUnited States 
Fru Inger Til Ostraat (Lady Inger)23rd January 1910Bjorgvin HallUnited States 
Fracturing - Based on Henrik Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People8th July 2010Flamboyán Theater at the CSV Cultural CenterUnited States 
´The Further Adventures of Hedda Gabler´ by Jeff Whitty9th July 2010Albany Civic TheaterUnited States 
The Further Adventures of Hedda Gabler25th September 2010Morgan-Wixson TheatreUnited States1
Die Frau vom Meer (The Lady from the Sea)10th October 1905Pabst TheaterUnited States 
Die Frau vom Meer (The Lady from the Sea)5th December 1890Germania TheatreUnited States 
Die Frau vom Meer (The Lady from the Sea)16th December 1892AthenaeumUnited States 
Fjeldfuglen - en romantisk opera2nd March 2017Ellen Stewart Theatre at La MaMa E.T.C.United States 
Die Frau vom Meer (The Lady From the Sea)14th October 1906Powers' TheaterUnited States 
Forever/[Youngyuan]/EWIG/Toujours20th September 2009New York CityUnited States 
Fjeldfuglen - en romantisk opera19th April 2020Ellen Stewart Theatre at La MaMa E.T.C.United States 
Die Frau vom Meere20th August 1889Schänzli-TheaterSwitzerland 
Die Frau vom Meere29th November 1891Stadttheater BaselSwitzerland 
Die Frau vom Meere2nd March 1904Stadttheater BaselSwitzerland 
Die Frau vom Meere24th April 1909Stadttheater BernSwitzerland 
Die Frau vom Meere9th February 1920Stadttheater BernSwitzerland 
Die Frau vom Meer5th February 1928Schauspielhaus ZürichSwitzerland 
Die Frau vom Meer11th December 1945Städtebundtheater Biel-SolothurnSwitzerland 
Die Frau vom Meere15th December 1948Stadttheater St. GallenSwitzerland 
Ein Feind des Volkes7th February 1973Stadttheater LuzernSwitzerland 
Die Frau vom Meer25th September 1974Theater am NeumarktSwitzerland 
Das Fest auf Solhaug31st October 1906Stadttheater ZürichSwitzerland 
Die Frau vom Meer23rd April 1907PfauentheaterSwitzerland 
Die Frau vom Meer26th March 2001Stadttheater OltenSwitzerland 
Die Frau vom Meer von Susan Sontag nach dem gleichnamigen Stück von Henrik Ibsen25th September 2003Theater am NeumarktSwitzerland 
Die Frau vom Meere17th May 1956Studio BernSwitzerland 
Die Frau vom Meer23rd November 1953Komödie BaselSwitzerland 
Frau vom Meer3rd November 2000Komödie BaselSwitzerland 
Die Frau vom Meer11th October 1977Stadttheater OltenSwitzerland 
Die Frau vom Meer10th December 1977Kurtheater BadenSwitzerland 
Fru Inger till Österåd31st January 1877Ladugårdslands-TeaternSweden 
Fru Inger till Österåd1879ÖstersundSweden 
Fru Inger till Österåd10th January 1883Hälsingborgs TheatreSweden