Event Ghosts
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VenueUnited States, United States, United States
First Date1915
Primary GenreFilm
Secondary Genre
    • Film
522494Alden, MaryMary Alden379ActorMrs. Helene Alving
522605Archer, JuanitaJuanita Archer379ActorJohanna
522783Blake, LorettaLoretta Blake379ActorRegine Engstrand
522787Blue, MonteMonte Blue379ActorBohemian in Paris
522785Filson, Al.W.Al.W. Filson379ActorThe doctor
522784Formes, KarlKarl Formes379ActorHenrik Ibsen
522786House, ChandlerChandler House379ActorOsvald as child
522788Jefferson, ThomasThomas Jefferson379ActorJohanna's husband
512848Walthall, Henry, B.Henry B. Walthall379ActorOsvald Alving
512848Walthall, Henry, B.Henry B. Walthall379ActorCaptain Alving
522492Emerson, JohnJohn Emerson375Director
522493Nicholls, GeorgeGeorge Nicholls375Director
426902Ibsen, Henrik, Henrik Ibsen386Playwright
Production NationalityUnited States
Performance languageEnglish
Further InformationRun time: 49 min. / Silent movie; / Black and White movie; / Available formats: 35mm. / / Produced by D.W.Griffith for Mutual/Reliance. / / Screenplay: Frank E. Woods. / / The film was redistributed in 1919 with the title "The Curse". Erich von Stroheim was also the technical adviser and assistant for the film.
Event Identifier100655
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