Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst Date Venue_SORTVenueCountryResources
Peer Gynt5th October 2018Vestfyns TeaterDenmark 
Peer Gynt6th October 2018Nyborg TeaterDenmark 
Peer Gynt8th October 2018Theatret i RoskildeDenmark 
Peer Gynt9th October 2018Gribskov TeaterDenmark 
Peer Gynt10th October 2018Nakskov TeaterDenmark 
Peer Gynt11th October 2018Slagelse TeaterDenmark 
Peer Gynt12th October 2018Odense TeaterDenmark 
Peer Gynt16th October 2018Bornholms teaterforeningDenmark 
Peer Gynt18th October 2018Hvidovre TeaterDenmark 
Peer Gynt19th October 2018BaltoppenDenmark 
Peer Gynt20th October 2018Holbæk TeaterDenmark 
Peer Gynt22nd October 2018Haslev TeaterforeningDenmark 
Peer Gynt24th October 2018FolketeatretDenmark 
Le Petit Eyolf1st November 2018La BoutonnièreFrance 
Peer Gynt6th November 2018Nykøbing MorsDenmark 
Peer Gynt6th November 2018FolketeatretDenmark 
Peer Gynt7th November 2018Theatret i FrederikshavnDenmark 
Peer Gynt9th November 2018Thisted MusikteaterDenmark 
Peer Gynt10th November 2018Musikhuset AarhusDenmark 
Peer Gynt12th November 2018Musikteatret VejleDenmark 
Peer Gynt13th November 2018Kulturhuset SkanderborgDenmark 
Peer Gynt14th November 2018Musikhuset EsbjergDenmark 
Peer Gynt15th November 2018Lemvig TheaterDenmark 
Peer Gynt17th November 2018Værket i RandersDenmark 
Peer Gynt18th November 2018Sønderborg TeaterDenmark 
Peer Gynt19th November 2018Tønder KulturhusDenmark 
Peer Gynt20th November 2018Næstved TeaterDenmark 
Peer Gynt20th November 2018Théâtre de CaenFrance 
Peer Gynt21st November 2018Herlev teaterbioDenmark 
Peer Gynt23rd November 2018TrommenDenmark 
Peer Gynt25th November 2018Furesø TeaterDenmark 
Peer Gynt26th November 2018Musikteatret AlbertslundDenmark 
Peer Gynt28th November 2018La Comédie de Saint-ÉtienneFrance 
Peer Gynt5th December 2018Scène Nationale du Sud-AquitainFrance 
Peer Gynt13th December 2018Le TangramFrance 
Peer Gynt9th January 2019Le Volcan - Scène nationale du HavreFrance 
Peer Gynt18th January 2019Grand Théâtre de la VilleLuxembourg 
Peer Gynt23rd January 2019John J. Conklin TheatreCanada 
The Pillars of Society31st January 2019Forrest Nickerson Theatre/Deaf CentreCanada 
Peer Gynt13th February 2019Théâtre National du LuxembourgLuxembourg 
پیر گینت (Peer Gynt)20th February 2019Shahrzad TheaterIran 
Peer Gynt15th March 2019Théâtre Couvert, ChâteauvallonFrance