Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst Date Venue_SORTVenueCountryResources
Peer Gynt. Ein neues Tanzstück von Jochen Ulrich17th January 1993Tanz-ForumGermany 
Peer Gynt29th January 1993Divadlo pod PalmovkouCzech Republic 
Putul Khela30th January 1993Natak Sarani, Guide House auditoriumBangladesh 
Ein Puppenheim25th February 1993Bühnen der Stadt GeraGermany 
Peer Gynt8th March 1993Hålogaland TeaterNorway 
Peer Gynt20th March 1993Backa TeaterSweden 
Peer GyntApril 1993NordlandNorway 
Peer Gynt24th April 1993SvolværNorway 
Peer, du lyver. Ja! - Møte med Bøygen.6th May 1993TeatergarasjenNorway 
Peer Gynt11th May 1993Brooklyn Academy of MusicUnited States 
Peer Gynt27th May 1993Den Nationale SceneNorway 
Peer Gynt2nd June 1993Hordaland TeaterNorway 
Peer Gynt3rd June 1993Den Nationale SceneNorway1
Peer Gynt30th July 1993Friluftsscenen ved GålåvatnetNorway 
Peer Gynt28th August 1993Den Nationale SceneNorway 
Peer, du lügst. Ja! III. Fassung: In 1997 Hong Kong will be incorporated into China.31st August 1993Rote FabrikSwitzerland 
Peer Gynt - Jugend und Alter im Gudbrandstal4th September 1993Die Bühne LyssachSwitzerland 
Peer Gynt9th September 1993Landesbühne HannoverGermany 
Peer Gynt10th September 1993BarcelonaSpain 
Peer Gynt11th September 1993Aalborg TeaterDenmark 
Peer Gynt12th September 1993Oldenburgisches StaatstheaterGermany 
Peer, du lügst. Ja! IV. Fassung: Seit letzte Eiszeit.1st October 1993Hebbel TheaterGermany 
Peer Gynt6th October 1993Tyrone Guthrie TheaterUnited States 
Peer, du lügst. Ja! IV. Fassung: Seit letzte Eiszeit.7th October 1993TAT-ProbebühneGermany 
Peer Gynt9th October 1993Altes Theater at Jerichower PlatzGermany 
Peer Gynt16th October 1993Teatret VårtNorway 
Peer Gynt9th November 1993SvolværNorway 
Peer, du lügst. Ja! Versie 5: Peer Gynt opens an Institute for happiness research.9th November 1993Goederenstation ZuidBelgium 
Peer Gynt9th November 1993KristiansundNorway 
Peer Gynt14th November 1993ÅlesundNorway 
Peer Gynt19th November 1993MunichGermany 
Peer Gynt21st November 1993SunndalsøraNorway 
Peer Gynt23rd November 1993SurnadalNorway 
Peer Gynt25th November 1993SmølaNorway 
Peer Gynt28th November 1993ÅndalsnesNorway 
Peer Gynt30th November 1993VoldaNorway 
Peer Gynt5th December 1993FosnavågNorway 
Peer Gynt7th December 1993UlsteinvikNorway 
Peer Gynt9th December 1993HaramsøyNorway 
Peer Gynt10th December 1993VatneNorway 
Peer Gynt12th December 1993ZDF, GermanyGermany 
Peer Gynt28th December 1993NRK TV (Norge)Norway2