Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst Date Venue_SORTVenueCountryResources
Pillars of Society21st May 1936The Playbox Theatre, Pasadena PlayhouseUnited States of America 
Pillars of Society26th May 1936Pasadena PlayhouseUnited States of America 
Peer Gynt22nd August 1936OradeaRomania 
Peer Gynt5th September 1936AradRomania 
Peer Gynt15th September 1936Svenska TeaternFinland 
Peer Gynt20th September 1936Landestheater AltenburgGermany 
Peer Gynt30th September 1936Stadttheater BeuthenPoland 
Peer Gynt1st October 1936Hof- und Landestheater MeiningenGermany 
Peer Gynt7th October 1936Altmärkisches Landestheater StendalGermany 
Peer Gynt8th October 1936Stadttheater StettinPoland 
Peer Gynt1st November 1936CsongrádHungary 
Peer Gynt1st November 1936Deutsches Theater WiesbadenGermany 
Peer Gynt15th November 1936Hessisches Landestheater DarmstadtGermany 
Peer Gynt18th November 1936Den Nationale SceneNorway 
Peer Gynt20th November 1936Stadttheater GrazAustria 
Peer Gynt19th December 1936HajdúböszörményHungary 
Peer Gynt27th January 1937Stadttheater DanzigGermany 
Peer Gynt30th January 1937Stadttheater KonstanzGermany 
Peer Gynt7th February 1937Stadttheater StettinPoland 
Peer Gynt11th February 1937Stadttheater DöbelnGermany 
Peer Gynt17th February 1937Stadttheater WürzburgGermany 
Peer Gynt19th February 1937Oberschlesisches Grenzlandtheater RatiborPoland 
Peer Gynt7th March 1937Stadttheater DortmundGermany 
Peer Gynt13th March 1937Den Nationale SceneNorway 
Peer Gynt13th March 1937McMillan TheaterUnited States of America 
Peer Gynt15th March 1937Altonaer StadttheaterGermany 
Peer Gynt16th March 1937Städtische Bühne HeidelbergGermany 
Peer Gynt16th March 1937Grenzlandtheater AnnabergGermany 
Peer Gynt27th March 1937KalocsaHungary 
Peer Gynt16th April 1937Stadttheater St. GallenSwitzerland 
Peer Gynt16th May 1937Stadttheater AachenGermany 
Peer Gynt26th May 1937Théâtre des Champs-ElyséesFrance 
Peer Gynt30th May 1937WaldtheaterGermany 
Peer Gynt8th June 1937Stadttheater Freiburg im BreisgauGermany 
Peer Gynt14th August 1937RákosszentmihályHungary 
Peer Gynt9th October 1937Nové ZámkySlovak Republic 
Peer Gynt9th October 1937WuppertalGermany 
Peer Gynt23rd October 1937Schauspielhaus FrankfurtGermany 
Peer Gynt26th October 1937Thüringer Landestheater RudolstadtGermany 
Peer Gynt3rd December 1937Ytterboe auditoriumUnited States of America 
Peer Gynt4th December 1937Théâtre National de l'OdéonFrance 
Peer GyntJanuary 1938KomárnoSlovak Republic