Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenue CountryResources
Breaking The Pot27th May 2006Community HallMalawi 
Brand4th November 2014Commonweal TheatreUnited States 
Batman's Beach-Head, based on Henrik Ibsen's "An Enemy of the People"12th September 1973Comedy TheatreAustralia 
Brand4th May 1914Civic Centre BismarckUnited States 
Baumeister Solness30th January 2003ChurSwitzerland 
Beauty to HellJune 2005Chulalongkorn UniversityThailand 
Brand6th January 1888Christiania TheaterNorway 
Bygmester Solness7th September 1896Christiania TheaterNorway 
Brand26th June 1867Christiania TheaterNorway 
Bygmester Solness8th March 1893Christiania TheaterNorway1
Bygmester Solness21st March 1898Christiania TheaterNorway 
Breaking The Pot30th April 2006Chipasula Secondary SchoolMalawi 
Breaking The Pot20th May 2006ChikwawaMalawi 
Breaking The Pot4th May 2006Chando HostelMalawi 
Breaking The Pot22nd April 2006Chancellors CollegeMalawi 
Breaking The Pot11th June 2006Chakana Entertainment CentreMalawi 
Būvmeistars Solness17th August 1918CēsīsLatvia 
Bouwmeester Solness9th October 1956Centraal TheaterNetherlands 
Boneca - a partir de "Uma Casa de Bonecas" de Henrik Ibsen (Uma Casa de Bonecas)18th October 2007Centro Cultural Vila Flor (Pequeno Auditório)Portugal3
Brand12th September 2008Centraltheater LeipzigGermany 
Bouwmeester Solness3rd February 1995CC Strombeek-BeverBelgium 
Bouwmeester Solness24th March 1995CC MaasmechelenBelgium 
Bouwmeester Solness2nd February 1995CC Jan TervaertBelgium 
Bouwmeester Solness20th January 1995CC Heusden-ZolderBelgium 
Bouwmeester Solness1st February 1995CC HasseltBelgium 
Bygmester Solness11th December 1907CasinoDenmark 
Baumeister Solneß12th February 1893Carola-TheaterGermany 
Big Fat Liar - part 2 of the PEER GYNT PROJECT22nd June 2006Carlo TheatreUnited States 
Der Bund der Jugend20th September 1898Carl-TheaterAustria 
Baumeister Solneß29th August 1903Carl Schultze TheaterGermany 
Baumeister Solneß6th June 1910Carl Schultze TheaterGermany 
Bygmester Solness7th October 1907Carl Schultze TheaterGermany 
Brand2nd April 1914Cable HallUnited States 
Brand23rd March 1928Bøndernes HusNorway 
Brand7th November 2016Bø kyrkjeNorway 
Brand19th February 1971Bø i TelemarkNorway 
Baumeister Solneß17th November 1908Bürgersaal BozenItaly 
Baumeister Solness1st March 1910Bürgersaal BozenItaly 
Baumeister Solness20th November 2002Bürgerhaus GarchingGermany 
Baumeister Solness1st March 2001Bürgerhaus Bergischer LöweGermany 
Der Bund der Jugend19th June 1969Bühnen der Stadt KölnGermany 
Bygmester Solness24th February 1961BygdahallNorway