Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountryResources
Brand23rd March 1971RenaNorway 
Baumeister Solness20th February 1999Stadttheater BielefeldGermany 
Bouwmeester Solness27th February 1995StadsschouwburgBelgium 
Breaking The Pot10th June 2006Town AssemblyMalawi 
Brand - Dramatisk Digt i 5 Akter (8 Tableauer)January 1896GävleSweden 
Brand20th March 1928LorensbergsteaternSweden 
Baumeister Solness10th April 2003Ernst Deutsch TheaterGermany 
Budowniczy Solness2nd October 1907Teatr MiejskiUkraine 
Brand13th September 1960NRK Radio (Norge)Norway 
Byggmester Solness10th March 2003Fjordane FolkehøgskuleNorway 
Baumeister Solness27th February 1948Barbizon-Plaza TheatreUnited States 
Baumeister Solness4th December 2002Kulturzentrum FrankentalGermany 
Brand22nd May 1962Theatre RoyalEngland 
Brúðuheimili29th January 1993TjarnarbærIceland 
Budowniczy Solness8th November 1917BędzinPoland 
Byggmästare Solness9th October 1936LidköpingSweden 
Brand6th March 1928Opernhaus HannoverGermany 
Brand13th May 2005Théâtre National de la CollineFrance 
Brand4th November 2014Commonweal TheatreUnited States 
Brand22nd March 1910Brooklyn Academy of MusicUnited States 
Brand10th November 2016Notodden kirkeNorway 
Brand11th March 1971VossNorway 
Bhanwar - an Urdu adaptation of Ibsen's The Wild Duck17th May 2006IslamabadPakistan 
Bygmester Solness29th January 1961Mjølner SamfunnshusNorway 
Bílí koně (Rosmersholm)19th October 1887Divadlo na VeveříCzech Republic 
Breaking The Pot6th May 2006Mangochi Secondary SchoolMalawi 
Brand3rd February 2018Bamble kirkeNorway 
Brand11th November 1924Trondhjems Nationale SceneNorway 
Baumeister Solness17th January 2003Stadthalle KleveGermany 
Bygmester Solness22nd November 1907Vejle TeaterDenmark 
Baumeister Solness9th January 1948Renaissance-TheaterGermany 
Byggmester Solness1st March 2003Hjertnes KulturhusNorway 
Bunohansh27th October 2009Nat-Mandal, University of DhakaBangladesh 
Baumeister Solneß18th January 1894Herzogliches HoftheaterGermany 
Brand26th September 2002Potrero Hill PlayhouseUnited States 
Brand3rd October 2006Kotkan KaupunginteatteriFinland 
Byggmästare Solness1st October 1936BorlängeSweden 
Baumeister Solness16th February 1996Maxim Gorki TheaterGermany 
Brand28th January 1979Impossible Ragtime TheaterUnited States 
Boneca - a partir de "Uma Casa de Bonecas" de Henrik Ibsen (Uma Casa de Bonecas)7th February 2008Teatro Helena Sá e CostaPortugal 
Bygmester Solness20th January 1910Nationaltheatret HovedscenenNorway 
Brand9th June 1966Den Nationale SceneNorway