Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenue CountryResources
Brand18th April 1971MoldeNorway 
Byggmester Solness5th March 2003Modum KulturhusetNorway 
Brand2nd May 1971Mo i RanaNorway 
Bygmester Solness29th January 1961Mjølner SamfunnshusNorway 
Brand11th June 2006Mitropolia Moldovei si BucovineiRomania 
Brand (4. akt)29th December 1871Mindre TeaternSweden 
Brand16th May 1928Městské divadlo Na hradbáchCzech Republic1
[Bygmester Solness] (japansk)17th June 1983Meien Little TheatreJapan 
Baumeister Solness16th February 1996Maxim Gorki TheaterGermany 
Baumeister Solness29th September 2006Maxim Gorki TheaterGermany2
Baumeister Solness20th September 2007Maxim Gorki TheaterGermany 
Byggmästare Solness8th October 1936MariestadSweden 
Breaking The Pot6th May 2006Mangochi Secondary SchoolMalawi 
Bor'ba za prestol (The fight for the throne / Борьба за престол)30th September 1906Malyj Teatr (Maly Theatre)Russia 
Brand (4. akt)1st February 1872Malmö TeaterSweden 
Byggmästar Solness18th April 1893Malmö TeaterSweden 
Byggmästare Solness18th October 1936Malmö TeaterSweden 
Bir Halk Düşmanı19th November 2023Mall of İstanbul MOİ SahneTurkey 
Byggmester Solness19th March 2003MaihaugsalenNorway 
Breaking The Pot13th June 2006Maghemo Secondary SchoolMalawi 
Brand8th April 1959Lyric Opera HouseEngland 
Brand2nd May 1892Lyceum TheatreUnited States of America 
The fourth act of Brand3rd June 1910Lyceum TheatreEngland 
Byggmästare Solness20th October 1936LundSweden 
Brand (4. akt)29th February 1872LundSweden 
Byggmästare Solness7th March 1991LudvikaSweden 
Byggmästare Solness2nd October 1936LudvikaSweden 
Budowniczy Solness25th November 1917LublinPoland 
Banooye Daryaee - Keshti e Sheytan (The Devil's Ship)10th December 2009LTG AuditoriumIndia 
Burn - An adaptation of Hedda Gabler22nd September 2012LTG AuditoriumIndia 
Bipolars - An Adaptation of Hedda Gabler23rd September 2012LTG AuditoriumIndia 
Brand20th March 1928LorensbergsteaternSweden 
Baumeister Solneß1st September 1900Lobe-TheaterPoland 
Byggmästare Solness12th March 1991LjusdalSweden 
Byggmästare Solness6th October 1936LinköpingSweden 
Byggmästare Solness26th October 1936LindesbergSweden 
Būvmeistars Solness31st August 1918LimbažosLatvia 
Brand21st March 1971LillehammerNorway 
Būvmeistars Solness15th April 1908Liepājas Tautas TeātrisLatvia 
Brands8th March 1935Liepājas Jaunajā TeātrisLatvia 
Byggmästare Solness9th October 1936LidköpingSweden 
Baumeister Solneß19th January 1893LessingtheaterGermany