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When We Dead Awaken17th March 1945Chanticleer Theatre ClubEngland 
Wan’ou Zhijia (A Doll's House / 玩偶之家)5th July 2018Changchun Public TheatreChina 
When We Dead Awaken4th June 2002Century Center for the Performing ArtsUnited States of America 
When We Dead Awaken17th May 1926Central Park TheaterUnited States of America 
White Horses of Rosmersholm4th October 2006Center of Performing Art, College of Staten IslandUnited States of America 
Wenn wir Toten erwachen24th May 1907CeljeSlovenia 
De wilde eend8th April 1995CC Strombeek-BeverBelgium 
De Wilde Eend24th February 2005CC MaasmechelenBelgium 
De wilde eend19th November 1956CasinoNetherlands 
Die Wildente4th November 1897Carola-TheaterGermany 
Die Wildente7th June 1898Carl-TheaterAustria 
Die Wildente24th April 1898Carl-TheaterAustria 
Die Wildente5th August 1891Carl Schultze TheaterGermany1
Die Wildente14th October 1898Carl Schultze TheaterGermany 
Die Wildente1st June 1910Carl Schultze TheaterGermany 
The Wild Duck25th February 1963CanadaCanada 
The Wild Duck13th March 1967CambridgeUnited States of America 
The Wild Duck11th April 1950CambridgeUnited States of America 
Die Wildente22nd February 1972Bühnen der Stadt KölnGermany 
Die Wildente12th April 1973Bühnen der Landeshauptstadt KielGermany 
Wenn wir Toten erwachen13th January 1925Burgtheater (Akademietheater)Austria 
Die Wildente22nd March 1919BurgtheaterAustria 
The Wild Duck6th December 2006Bruce Davis Theater, Montgomery Hall Fine Arts CenterUnited States of America 
The Wild Duck12th March 1981Brooklyn Academy of MusicUnited States of America 
Wenn wir Toten erwachen20th October 1920Bremer SchauspielhausGermany 
Die Wildente21st October 1922Bremer SchauspielhausGermany 
Die Wildente13th April 1928Bremer SchauspielhausGermany 
Die Wildente26th February 1936Bremer SchauspielhausGermany 
When We Dead Awaken28th November 2008Bredgatan 3Sweden 
When We Dead Awaken11th December 1931Brattle HallUnited States of America 
The Wild Duck23rd August 1949Brattle HallUnited States of America 
Die Wildente19th November 2009Brandenburger TheaterGermany 
When We Dead Awaken8th March 1991Bouwerie Lane TheaterUnited States of America 
The Wild Duck20th February 2004Bouwerie Lane TheaterUnited States of America 
The Wild Duck7th December 1925BostonUnited States of America 
The Wild Duck12th April 1926BostonUnited States of America 
The Wild Duck4th January 1926BostonUnited States of America 
Wenn wir Toten erwachen13th April 1909Bonner StadttheaterGermany 
Die Wildente24th February 1905Bonner StadttheaterGermany 
Wenn wir Toten erwachen2nd January 1906Bonner StadttheaterGermany 
Die Wildente29th April 1907Bonner StadttheaterGermany 
Wenn wir Toten erwachen8th April 1900Bonner StadttheaterGermany 
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