Event The Wild Duck
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VenueBoston, Boston, United States Of America
First Date4th January 1926
Last Date9th January 1926
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.net
462152Alexander, RossRoss Alexander379ActorA balding gentleman
448771Anderson, DallasDallas Anderson379ActorHjalmar Ekdal
462150Bell, James, H.James H. Bell379ActorMolvik
462142Browning, Leslie, C.Leslie C. Browning379ActorWerle's guest
462141Capron, RichardRichard Capron379ActorHired servant
462141Capron, RichardRichard Capron379ActorHired servant
462133Chippendale, LenoreLenore Chippendale379ActorMrs. Sörby
462145Davis, WilliamWilliam Davis379ActorWerle's guest
462144Dunne, WilliamWilliam Dunne379ActorWerle's guest
462132Entwistle, PegPeg Entwistle379ActorHedvig
462136Hambleton, Robert, T.Robert T. Hambleton379ActorGraaberg
462151Keefe, EstherEsther Keefe379ActorJensen
455514Kershaw, WilliamWilliam Kershaw379ActorGregers Werle
462147Martin Jr., W., E.W. E. Martin Jr.379ActorWerle's guest
449761Mason, William C.William C. Mason379ActorA fat gentleman
462143McLoud, DonaldDonald McLoud379ActorWerle's guest
462146Menadier, Arthur, M.Arthur M. Menadier379ActorWerle's guest
462131Pollock, HoraceHorace Pollock379ActorOld Ekdal
462137Scott, AgnesAgnes Elliot Scott379ActorPettersen
462149Stillwell, George, A.George A. Stillwell379ActorHaakon Werle
462140Stone, ArthurArthur Stone379ActorA short-sighted gentleman
462134Thorn, JohnJohn Thorn379ActorRelling
462148Weinstein, JamesJames Weinstein379ActorWerle's guest
457520Yurka, BlancheBlanche Yurka379ActorGina Ekdal
457520Yurka, BlancheBlanche Yurka375Director
426902Ibsen, HenrikHenrik Ibsen386Playwright
Production NationalityUnited States of America
Performance languageEnglish
Further Information18 Performances / Played 7-12. December 1925 (9 performances) and resumed 4 to 9. January 1926 (9 performances). Name after forward slash shows rolleovertakelser at the re-4 January 1926.
Event Identifier85106
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