Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountry Resources
When We Dead Awaken8th March 1991Bouwerie Lane TheaterUnited States 
The Wild Duck12th July 1990Tom Bradley TheatreUnited States 
The Wild Duck16th October 1988Tyrone Guthrie TheaterUnited States 
When We Dead Awaken11th January 1982Open Space TheatreUnited States 
The Wild Duck26th February 1982Washington Hall at The University of Notre DameUnited States 
The Wild Duck14th February 1996Grove Street PlayhouseUnited States 
The Wild Duck22nd November 1996Loeb Drama CenterUnited States 
The Wild Duck10th September 1997Access TheaterUnited States 
The Wild Duck5th February 2005St. Mane TheatreUnited States2
The Wild Duck13th April 2005The Reif CenterUnited States 
The Wild Duck16th April 2005Fergus Falls Center for the ArtsUnited States 
The Wild Duck15th April 2005Sheldon TheatreUnited States 
The Wild Duck4th December 1969Adams Memorial TheatreUnited States 
The Wild Duck11th January 1967Lyceum TheatreUnited States 
The Wild Duck13th March 1967CambridgeUnited States 
The Wild Duck23rd March 1967St. Olaf College TheaterUnited States 
When We Dead Awaken18th April 1966Masque TheaterUnited States 
When We Dead Awaken23rd February 1965Hotel BostonianUnited States 
The Wild Duck26th September 1965Lydia Mendelssohn TheatreUnited States 
The Wild Duck5th April 2002A Noise WithinUnited States 
When We Dead Awaken4th June 2002Century Center for the Performing ArtsUnited States 
The Wild Duck8th August 2003The Carriage House, Western Pennsylvania Family CenterUnited States 
The Wild Duck20th February 2004Bouwerie Lane TheaterUnited States 
When We Dead Awaken27th March 2004The Pearl Theatre CompanyUnited States 
When We Dead Awaken4th February 2006St. Mane TheatreUnited States1
The Wild Duck6th December 2006Bruce Davis Theater, Montgomery Hall Fine Arts CenterUnited States 
The Wild Duck15th January 2009The Museum of Contemporary ArtUnited States 
The Wild Duck17th October 1890Amberg TheaterUnited States 
Die Wildente7th March 1909Powers' TheaterUnited States 
The Wild Duck30th April 2009Load of FunUnited States 
The Wild Duck19th November 2009Cultural Arts Building, University of North Carolina WilmingtonUnited States 
The Wild Duck24th January 1964Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)United States 
The Wild Duck22nd July 1964The PlayhouseUnited States 
The Wild Duck9th May 1963Faunce House TheaterUnited States 
The Wild Duck3rd May 1962University TheatreUnited States 
The Wild Duck13th July 2011Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing ArtsUnited States 
The Wild Duck13th July 2011Shetler StudiosUnited States 
When We Dead Awaken28th February 2013Beardsley Arena Theatre, Ida Green Communication CenterUnited States 
The Wild Duck11th April 2013Fenwick TheatreUnited States 
The Wild Duck25th April 2013Dusty Loo Bon Vivant TheaterUnited States 
The Wild Duck4th February 1958East Balcony Theatre, Pasadena PlayhouseUnited States 
Die Wildente18th April 1909Pabst TheaterUnited States 
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