Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst Date Venue_SORTVenueCountryResources
Lady Inger of Oestrat26th February 1904Colonial TheatreUnited States 
Little Eyolf15th September 1903KhersonUkraine 
Lady Inger of Oestrat (Lady Inger)12th February 1903Grand Opera HouseUnited States 
The Lady from the Sea4th May 1902Royalty TheatreEngland 
The League of Youth25th February 1900Vaudeville TheatreEngland 
L'ennemi du peuple18th February 1899Théâtre de la RenaissanceFrance 
Little Eyolf23rd November 1896Avenue TheatreEngland 
Little Eyolf14th September 1896Playroom SixEngland 
Lille Eyolf3rd November 1895MossNorway 
Lille Eyolf30th October 1895Phønix TheaterNorway 
Lille Eyolf29th October 1895Fredrikshalds TheaterNorway 
Lille Eyolf27th August 1895Christiania TheaterNorway 
Lille Eyolf19th August 1895Kristiansand TeaterNorway 
Lille Eyolf25th June 1895Stavanger TeaterNorway 
Lille Eyolf24th June 1895TønsbergNorway 
Lille Eyolf21st June 1895Nakskov TeaterDenmark 
Lille Eyolf20th June 1895Theatret i NykjøbingDenmark 
Lille Eyolf19th June 1895Theatret i ArendalNorway 
Lille Eyolf19th June 1895Næstved TeaterDenmark 
Lille Eyolf18th June 1895Slagelse TeaterDenmark 
Lille Eyolf17th June 1895Odense TheaterDenmark 
Lille Eyolf16th June 1895Skiens FestivitetslokaleNorway 
Lille Eyolf16th June 1895Nyborg TeaterDenmark 
Lille Eyolf15th June 1895Kolding TeaterDenmark 
Lille Eyolf14th June 1895Esbjerg TeaterDenmark 
Lille Eyolf13th June 1895Vejle TeaterDenmark 
Lille Eyolf12th June 1895Theatret i ArendalNorway 
Lille Eyolf12th June 1895Horsens TeaterDenmark 
Lille Eyolf11th June 1895Aarhus TeaterDenmark 
Lille Eyolf10th June 1895Randers TeaterDenmark 
Lille Eyolf9th June 1895Skive TheaterDenmark 
Lille Eyolf8th June 1895Viborg TeaterDenmark 
Lille Eyolf7th June 1895Aalborg TeaterDenmark 
Lille Eyolf7th June 1895Theatret i KristiansandNorway 
Lille Eyolf23rd May 1895StavangerNorway 
Lille Eyolf6th May 1895ÅlesundNorway 
Lille Eyolf26th April 1895Theatret i KristiansundNorway 
Little Eyolf23rd April 1895Columbia TheatreUnited States 
The Lady from the Sea18th April 1895Columbia TheatreUnited States 
Lille Eyolf27th March 1895Theatret i TrondheimNorway 
Lille Eyolf21st March 1895Borgå SocietetshusFinland 
Lille Eyolf14th March 1895VasateaternSweden 
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