Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst Date Venue_SORTVenueCountryResources
I Borkmann18th October 2022Teatro Spazio 47Italy 
The Ballad of Little Wolf29th May 2022ParkteatretNorway 
Bøygen8th August 2020Friluftsscenen ved GålåvatnetNorway 
Babaház (Nora)7th January 2020Stúdió K SzínházHungary 
Babaház (Nora)22nd December 2019Stúdió K SzínházHungary 
Brand12th October 2019Schauspielhaus FrankfurtGermany 
BHOOTHAGALU18th January 2019Kh Kala SoudhaIndia 
Baumeister Solness24th November 2018Theater am MarktGermany 
Byggmester Solness15th September 2018Trøndelag TeaterNorway1
Byggmester Solness8th September 2018Nationaltheatret HovedscenenNorway1
The Big I Am16th June 2018Everyman TheatreEngland 
Baumeister Solness29th March 2018Deutsches SchauspielhausGermany 
Brand17th February 2018Théâtre du Nord-OuestFrance 
Brand9th February 2018Oslo DomkirkeNorway 
Brand6th February 2018Tønsberg domkirkeNorway 
Brand5th February 2018Sandefjord kirkeNorway 
Brand3rd February 2018Bamble kirkeNorway 
Brand2nd February 2018Borgestad kirkeNorway 
Brand1st February 2018Brevik kirkeNorway 
Brand31st January 2018Vestre Porsgrunn kirkeNorway 
Brand27th January 2018Skien kirkeNorway 
Brand27th January 2018Skien kirkeNorway 
Baumeister Solness1st July 2017Theater ReichenauAustria 
Beata26th April 2017IranIran 
Bankdirektör Borkman3rd February 2017Stockholms StadsteaterSweden 
Baumeister Solness22nd November 2016Uckermärkische Bühnen SchwedtGermany 
Brand17th November 2016Nøtterøy kirkeNorway 
Brand16th November 2016Tønsberg domkirkeNorway 
Brand15th November 2016Holmestrand kirkeNorway 
Brand14th November 2016Larvik kirkeNorway 
Brand10th November 2016Notodden kirkeNorway 
Brand9th November 2016Rjukan kirkeNorway 
Brand8th November 2016Kviteseid kyrkjeNorway 
Brand7th November 2016Bø kyrkjeNorway 
Brand3rd November 2016Kragerø kirkeNorway 
Brand2nd November 2016Horten kirkeNorway 
Brand1st November 2016Sandefjord kirkeNorway 
Brand31st October 2016Bamble kirkeNorway 
Brand27th October 2016Vestre Porsgrunn kirkeNorway 
Brand21st October 2016Skien kirkeNorway 
Baumeister Solness1st October 2016Rheinisches LandestheaterGermany 
Brand – min gud er storm10th September 2016Nationaltheatret MalersalenNorway1