Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst Date Venue_SORTVenueCountryResources
A vadkacsa11th April 1928Nemzeti Színház KamaraszínházaHungary 
A vadkacsa13th April 1928MiskolcHungary 
A vadkacsa14th May 1928Hollósy Kornélia SzínházHungary 
A vadkacsa14th May 1928MakóHungary 
The Vikings at Helgeland1st October 1928The Old VicEngland 
The Vikings (The Warriors at Helgeland)12th May 1930New Yorker TheatreUnited States 
Vrykolakes17th July 1930Laïko Theatro PagkratiouGreece 
A vadkacsa13th October 1930Nemzeti SzínházHungary 
A vadkacsa17th November 1930Kolozsvari Nemzeti SzínházRomania 
Vildanden9th May 1931Ytterboe auditoriumUnited States 
A vadkacsa30th March 1932MiskolcHungary 
Ein Volksfeind31st March 1932BurgtheaterAustria 
A vadkacsa2nd May 1932NyíregyházaHungary 
Vrykolakes3rd February 1933Theatro KentrikonGreece 
Ein Volksfeind6th May 1933Nationaltheater MannheimGermany 
Ein Volksfeind11th September 1933Rose-TheaterGermany 
Vrykolakes13th November 1933Theatro ArniGreece 
Vrykolakes30th January 1934Vasilikon TheatronGreece 
Vrykolakes10th May 1934Theatro ArniGreece 
Vrykolakes27th July 1934Theatro PantheonGreece 
Ein Volksfeind18th September 1934Hessisches Landestheater DarmstadtGermany 
Villisorsa21st March 1935Suomen KansallisteatteriFinland 
Vrykolakes30th July 1935Laïko Theatro PagkratiouGreece 
Vrykolakes2nd August 1935Lyriko TheatroGreece 
Vildanden26th February 1936Göteborgs StadsteaterSweden 
[Vildanden] (japansk) (The Wild Duck)5th March 1936Tsukiji Little TheatreJapan 
Јунаците од Хелгеланд/Јунаци са Хелгеланда (Junacite od Helgeland)22nd September 1936Makedonski Naroden Teatar (Macedonian National Theatre)Macedonia 
Vildanden16th October 1936VasateaternSweden 
Vildanden14th December 1936Göteborgs StadsteaterSweden 
Vrykolakes24th December 1936VolosGreece 
Vrag na naroda (An Enemy of the People)14th January 1937Naroden teatar Bulgaria 
Ein Volksfeind10th March 1937VolksbühneGermany 
Vildanden16th March 1937FolketeatretDenmark 
Vrykolakes21st July 1937Theatro BolariGreece 
A vadkacsa4th November 1937SopronHungary 
Ein Volksfeind15th November 1937GermanyGermany 
A vadkacsa17th November 1937ZalaegerszegHungary 
A vadkacsa26th November 1937GyőrHungary 
A vadkacsa3rd December 1937NagykanizsaHungary 
Vildanden16th December 1937Svenska TeaternFinland 
A vadkacsa28th January 1938SzolnokHungary 
A vadkacsa5th February 1938NyíregyházaHungary