Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst Date Venue_SORTVenueCountryResources
The Vikings at Helgeland1st October 1928The Old VicEngland 
The Vikings (The Warriors at Helgeland)12th May 1930New Yorker TheatreUnited States of America 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)17th July 1930Laïko Theatro Pagkratiou (Popular Theatre of Pangrati)Greece 
A vadkacsa13th October 1930Nemzeti SzínházHungary 
A vadkacsa17th November 1930Kolozsvari Nemzeti SzínházRomania 
Vildanden9th May 1931Ytterboe auditoriumUnited States of America 
A vadkacsa30th March 1932MiskolcHungary 
Ein Volksfeind31st March 1932BurgtheaterAustria 
A vadkacsa2nd May 1932NyíregyházaHungary 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)3rd February 1933Theatro Kentrikon (Central Theater)Greece 
Ein Volksfeind6th May 1933Nationaltheater MannheimGermany 
Ein Volksfeind11th September 1933Rose-TheaterGermany 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)13th November 1933Theatro ArniGreece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)30th January 1934Vasilikon Theatron (Royal theatre)Greece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)10th May 1934Theatro ArniGreece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)27th July 1934Theatro PantheonGreece 
Ein Volksfeind18th September 1934Hessisches Landestheater DarmstadtGermany 
Villisorsa21st March 1935Suomen KansallisteatteriFinland 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)30th July 1935Laïko Theatro Pagkratiou (Popular Theatre of Pangrati)Greece 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)2nd August 1935Lyriko TheatroGreece 
Vildanden26th February 1936Göteborgs StadsteaterSweden 
Јунаците од Хелгеланд/Јунаци са Хелгеланда (Junacite od Helgeland)22nd September 1936Makedonski Naroden Teatar (Macedonian National Theatre)Macedonia 
Vildanden16th October 1936VasateaternSweden 
Vildanden14th December 1936Göteborgs StadsteaterSweden 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)24th December 1936VolosGreece 
Vrag na naroda (An Enemy of the People)14th January 1937Naroden teatar Bulgaria 
Ein Volksfeind10th March 1937VolksbühneGermany 
Vildanden16th March 1937FolketeatretDenmark 
Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)21st July 1937Theatro BolariGreece 
A vadkacsa4th November 1937SopronHungary 
Ein Volksfeind15th November 1937GermanyGermany 
A vadkacsa17th November 1937ZalaegerszegHungary 
A vadkacsa26th November 1937GyőrHungary 
A vadkacsa3rd December 1937NagykanizsaHungary 
Vildanden16th December 1937Svenska TeaternFinland 
A vadkacsa28th January 1938SzolnokHungary 
A vadkacsa5th February 1938NyíregyházaHungary 
Vrag na naroda14th February 1938Plovdivski oblasten teatarBulgaria 
A vadkacsa Csokonai SzínházHungary 
Villisorsa12th March 1938Kotkan KaupunginteatteriFinland 
A vadkacsa4th April 1938NagykőrösHungary 
A vadkacsa19th April 1938BékéscsabaHungary