Event The Vikings (The Warriors at Helgeland)
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VenueNew Yorker Theatre, 2409 Broadway, New York, United States
First Date12th May 1930
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
Richard BowlerActorSon of Örnulf of the Fjords
Robert ChristyActorGunnar's men
O. T. CrawfordActorSon of Örnulf of the Fjords
Herschel CropperActorSon of Örnulf of the Fjords
Britton DillerActorSon of Örnulf of the Fjords
Robert C. FischerActorKaare the Peasant
William GearActorSon of Örnulf of the Fjords
Adele GilbertActorHjordis' ladies
Richard HaleActorÖrnulf of the Fjords
Evelyn HillActorHjordis' ladies
Helen HoweActorHjordis' ladies
Richard JackActorEgil
Chester LeightyActorHjordis' men
Jay LindseyActorHjordis' men
Peggy McNaughtActorHjordis' ladies
Catherine MeredithActorHjordis' ladies
John MoranActorGunnar's men
Margaret MowerActorDagny
Edwin PhilipsActorThorolf
Monty PriddyActorHjordis' ladies
Arthur RowActorSigurd's men
Frank RyanActorSigurd's men
Charles WaldronActorGunnar
Thomas Watkins, Jr.ActorSigurd's men
Warren WilliamActorSigurd the StrongOrnolf's sons
Blanche YurkaActorHjördis
Thomas WilfredAssistant Director
Thomas WilfredDesigner
Thomas WilfredDirector
Thomas WilfredLighting Designer
Henrik IbsenPlaywright
Thomas WilfredVideo
Thomas WilfredVideo Designer
Production NationalityUnited States
Performance languageEnglish
Event Identifier95919