Event Peer Gynt
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VenueDundee Rep Theatre, Tay Square, Dundee, Scotland
First Date26th May 2009
Last Date30th May 2009
Primary GenreTheatre
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Duncan AndersonActorA Troll
Duncan AndersonActorLunaticThe madman
Duncan AndersonActorA boy
Duncan AndersonActormonkey
John BuickActorThin Man
Cliff BurnettActorA Buttonmoulder
Nailah CumberbatchActorAnitra
Nailah CumberbatchActorHerd girl
Keith FlemingActorPeer Gyntin part 1
Kevin LennonActorAslak
Darran LightbodyActorHuhu
Darran LightbodyActorA Troll
Darran LightbodyActormonkey
Darran LightbodyActorA boy
Irene MacdougallActorThe Interviewer
Irene MacdougallActorKari
Irene MacdougallActorA Priest
Helen MackayActorSolveig
Martin McCormickActorMads Moen
Anthony MissenActorLunaticThe madman
Anthony MissenActorHussein
Anthony MissenActorA Troll
Anthony MissenActormonkey
Anthony MissenActorThe steward
Anthony MissenActorA boy
Gerry MulgrewActorPeer Gyntin part 2
Robert PatersonActorThe Troll King
Carmen PieracciniActorWoman in green
Jeremiah ReynoldsActorA boy
Jeremiah ReynoldsActormonkey
Jeremiah ReynoldsActorA Troll
Jeremiah ReynoldsActorLunaticThe madman
Ann Louise RossActorMother Aase
Ashley SmithActorSolveig
Gail WatsonActorWoman in green
Judith WilliamsActorHerd girl
Judith WilliamsActorA Troll
Judith WilliamsActorA girl
Judith WilliamsActorLunaticA mad woman
Emily WinterActorIngrid
Emily WinterActorThe Strange Passenger
Emily WinterActor
Sharon YoungActorHelga
Sharon YoungActorHerd girl
Sharon YoungActorA Troll
Sharon YoungActorA girl
Colin TeevanAdaptation
Janet SmithChoreographer
Paddy CunneenComposer
Naomi WilkinsonDesigner
Dominic HillDirector
Chris DaveyLighting Designer
Henrik IbsenPlaywright
Mark CunninghamSound Designer
Events in tour
Peer GyntThe Pit (Barbican Centre), Silk St, London, England2009-04-30
Peer GyntHis Majesty’s Theatre, Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen, Scotland2009-06-02
Peer GyntHis Majesty’s Theatre, Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen, Scotland2009-06-02
Peer GyntEden Court, Bishops Rd, Inverness, Scotland2009-06-09
Peer GyntRoyal Lyceum Theatre, Grindlay St, Edinburgh, Scotland2009-06-17
Peer GyntTheatre Royal, 282 Hope St, Glasgow, Scotland2009-06-23
Production Nationality
Performance languageEnglish
Further InformationNumber of performances: 6.
Event Identifier91418