Event Peer Gynt
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VenueDundee Rep Theatre, Tay Square, Dundee, Scotland
First Date24th September 2007
Opening Night24th September 2007
Last Date27th June 2009
Primary GenreTheatre - Spoken Word
Smith, JanetJanet Smith
Anderson, DuncanDuncan AndersonActorThe madman
Anderson, DuncanDuncan AndersonActorA boy
Anderson, DuncanDuncan AndersonActorA Troll
Anderson, DuncanDuncan AndersonActormonkey
Buick, JohnJohn BuickActorThin Man
Burnett , CliffCliff BurnettActorA Buttonmoulder
Cumberbatch, NailahNailah CumberbatchActorAnitra
Cumberbatch, NailahNailah CumberbatchActorHerd girl
Fleming, KeithKeith FlemingActorPeer Gyntin part 1
Lennon, KevinKevin LennonActorAslak
Lightbody, DarranDarran LightbodyActorHuhu
Lightbody, DarranDarran LightbodyActorA boy
Lightbody, DarranDarran LightbodyActorA Troll
Lightbody, DarranDarran LightbodyActormonkey
Macdougall, IreneIrene MacdougallActorKari
Macdougall, IreneIrene MacdougallActorThe Interviewer
Macdougall, IreneIrene MacdougallActorA Priest
Mackay, HelenHelen MackayActorSolveig
McCormick, MartinMartin McCormickActorMads Moen
Missen, AnthonyAnthony MissenActorA Troll
Missen, AnthonyAnthony MissenActorThe madman
Missen, AnthonyAnthony MissenActormonkey
Missen, AnthonyAnthony MissenActorThe steward
Missen, AnthonyAnthony MissenActorHussein
Missen, AnthonyAnthony MissenActorA boy
Mulgrew, GerryGerry MulgrewActorPeer Gyntin part 2
Paterson, RobertRobert PatersonActorThe Troll King
Pieraccini, CarmenCarmen PieracciniActorWoman in green
Reynolds, JeremiahJeremiah ReynoldsActorA boy
Reynolds, JeremiahJeremiah ReynoldsActorA Troll
Reynolds, JeremiahJeremiah ReynoldsActormonkey
Reynolds, JeremiahJeremiah ReynoldsActorThe madman
Ross, Ann LouiseAnn Louise RossActorMother Aase
Smith, AshleyAshley SmithActorSolveig
Watson, GailGail WatsonActorWoman in green
Williams, JudithJudith WilliamsActorA Troll
Williams, JudithJudith WilliamsActorA mad woman
Williams, JudithJudith WilliamsActorHerd girl
Williams, JudithJudith WilliamsActorA girl
Winter, EmilyEmily WinterActorThe Strange Passenger
Winter, EmilyEmily WinterActorIngrid
Winter, EmilyEmily WinterActor
Young, SharonSharon YoungActorA Troll
Young, SharonSharon YoungActorHerd girl
Young, SharonSharon YoungActorHelga
Young, SharonSharon YoungActorA girl
Teevan, ColinColin TeevanAdaptation
Hill, DominicDominic HillAssistant Director
Cunneen, PaddyPaddy CunneenComposer
Wilkinson, NaomiNaomi WilkinsonDesigner
Hill, DominicDominic HillDirector
Davey, ChrisChris DaveyLighting Designer
Ibsen, Henrik, Henrik IbsenPlaywright
Cunningham, MarkMark CunninghamSound Designer
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Production NationalityUnited Kingdom
Performance languageEnglish
Further InformationPerformance dates: Performed 24 September - 13 October 2007 (20 performances) in Dundee. Re-opened and performed on tour in 2009. Number of performances: 61. Presented by Dundee Rep Theatre and National Theatre of Scotland.
Event Identifier91409