Contributor Inger Buresund
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FunctionsDirector, Producer
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EVENTIDEvent NameAddressFirst DateFunctionCharacter
95538群鬼2.0 (Ghosts 2.0) (Qungui 2.0)9 Tianqiao South Rd, Xicheng, Beijing, Beijing, China21st January 2016Producer
91524NORA – A contemporary operaTromsø, Norway30th October 2015Producer
91523NORA – A contemporary operaBodø, Norway28th October 2015Producer
91525NORA – A contemporary operaTrondheim, Norway3rd October 2015Producer
95385群鬼2.0 (Ghosts 2.0) (Qungui 2.0)436 Yonghe Dong Lu, Shanghai, China7th August 2015Producer
95384Ghosts 2.0Tokyo, Japan22nd November 2014Producer
95382群鬼2.0 (Ghosts 2.0) (Qungui 2.0)Shanghai, China14th November 2014Producer
91522娜拉 (A Doll's House) (Nala)Tianjin, China30th October 2014Producer
86230Ibsen In One TakeJohanne Dybwads plass 1, Oslo, Norway12th September 2014Producer
95381群鬼2.0 (Ghosts 2.0) (Qungui 2.0)Doncheng district, Xinzhongjie 3, Beijing, China6th September 2014Producer
86233一镜一生易卜生 (Ibsen In One Take) (Yijing yisheng yibusheng)Guangzhou, China13th November 2013Producer
86234Ibsen In One TakeRotterdam, Netherlands27th September 2013Producer
86232一镜一生易卜生 (Ibsen In One Take) (Yijing yisheng yibusheng)Shanghai, China27th September 2013Producer
86231一镜一生易卜生 (Ibsen In One Take) (Yijing yisheng yibusheng)22 International Art Street, 32 Baiziwan Lu, Chaoyang district, Beijing, China12th November 2012Producer
93765海上夫人舞蹈片段 Lady from the Sea (Haishang Furen Wudao Pianduan)30 Beiwei Rd, Xicheng, Beijing, China23rd April 2011Producer
82241Terje VigenSkien, Norway21st November 2006Director
82240Terje VigenSkien, Skien, Norway20th November 2006Director
82239Terje VigenKirkebakken 1, Skien, Norway17th November 2006Director
82238Terje VigenStorgata 164, Porsgrunn, Norway15th November 2006Director
82237Terje VigenPorsgrunn, Porsgrunn, Norway13th November 2006Director
82236Terje VigenBrevik, Brevik, Norway10th November 2006Director
82235Terje VigenPorsgrunn, Porsgrunn, Norway9th November 2006Director
82234Terje VigenPorsgrunn, Norway7th November 2006Director
82233Terje VigenPorsgrunn, Norway6th November 2006Director
82232Terje VigenPorsgrunn, Norway3rd November 2006Director
82231Terje VigenKongsberg, Kongsberg, Norway2nd November 2006Director
82230Terje VigenPorsgrunn, Porsgrunn, Norway1st November 2006Director
82229Terje VigenKragerø, Kragerø, Norway30th October 2006Director
82228Terje VigenLangesund, Langesund, Norway27th October 2006Director
82227Terje VigenStathelle, Stathelle, Norway26th October 2006Director
82226Terje VigenKloppkjærveien 6-8, Sannidal, Norway25th October 2006Director
82225Terje VigenVinje, Gimsøysand, Norway23rd October 2006Director
82224Terje VigenSeljord, Norway20th October 2006Director
82223Terje VigenBø i Telemark, Norway19th October 2006Director
82222Terje VigenGamle Breviksveg 107, Porsgrunn, Norway17th October 2006Director
82221Terje VigenLundedalen 35, Porsgrunn, Norway16th October 2006Director
82220Terje VigenStathelle, Norway6th October 2006Director
82219Terje VigenSkien, Skien, Norway5th October 2006Director
82218Terje VigenSkien, Skien, Norway4th October 2006Director
82217Terje VigenSkien, Skien, Norway3rd October 2006Director
82216Terje VigenSkien, Skien, Norway2nd October 2006Director
82215Terje VigenSkien, Norway28th September 2006Director
82214Terje VigenSkien, Skien, Norway27th September 2006Director
82213Terje VigenSkien, Norway25th September 2006Director
82212Terje VigenNome, Lunde, Norway22nd September 2006Director
82211Terje VigenNome, Ulefoss, Norway21st September 2006Director
82210Terje VigenSauland, Norway20th September 2006Director
82209Terje VigenSkien, Skien, Norway19th September 2006Director
82208Terje VigenEikåsvegen 10, Skien, Norway18th September 2006Director
82207Terje VigenSkien, Skien, Norway14th September 2006Director
82206Terje VigenSiljanvegen 22, Skien, Norway13th September 2006Director
82205Terje VigenHollenderigata, Skien, Norway12th September 2006Director
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