Event Peer Gynt I - Peer Gynt II
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DescriptionThe play was divided into two parts and performed separately. Part I: The briderobber, The Mountain man, The troll prince, The outlaw. Part II: The Charleston trader, The harem prophet, The Emperor of self, The prodigal onion.
VenueClassic Stage Company, 136 E 13Th St, New York, United States
First Date8th November 1981
Opening Night8th November 1981
Last Date10th April 1982
Flemming, CarolCarol Flemming
Aston-Reese, DavidDavid Aston-ReeseActorPeer Gynt
Aston-Reese, DavidDavid Aston-ReeseActorThe Strange Passenger
Aston-Reese, DavidDavid Aston-ReeseActorWedding Guest
Camera, JohnJohn CameraActorVillager
Camera, JohnJohn CameraActorTroll courtier
Camera, JohnJohn CameraActorThe Newcomer
Camera, JohnJohn CameraActorHerr von Eberkopf
Camera, JohnJohn CameraActorHusseinHussein the scribe
Cameron, JohnJohn CameronActorA Fence
Cameron, JohnJohn CameronActorThe boatswain
Cameron, JohnJohn CameronActorA Priest
Dooley, Raymond F.Raymond F. DooleyActorA Buttonmoulder
Dooley, Raymond F.Raymond F. DooleyActorA Fiddler
Dooley, Raymond F.Raymond F. DooleyActorPeer Gynt
Egan, PatrickPatrick EganActorTroll courtier
Egan, PatrickPatrick EganActorPeer Gynt
Egan, PatrickPatrick EganActorA voice in the darkness
Gold, GinaGina GoldActorA girlHarem girl
Gold, GinaGina GoldActorWedding Guest
Gold, GinaGina GoldActorHerd girl
Gold, GinaGina GoldActorA voice in the darknessVoice on the wind
Gold, GinaGina GoldActorA TrollTroll kid
Gold, GinaGina GoldActorVillager
Grace, GingerGinger GraceActorA TrollTroll kid
Grace, GingerGinger GraceActorVillager
Grace, GingerGinger GraceActorAnitra
Grace, GingerGinger GraceActorHerd girl
Grace, GingerGinger GraceActorWedding Guest
Grace, GingerGinger GraceActorKari
Grace, GingerGinger GraceActorA voice in the darknessVoice on the wind
Lawson, BrianBrian LawsonActorSheriff
Lawson, BrianBrian LawsonActorTroll courtier
Lawson, BrianBrian LawsonActorMads Moen's father
Lawson, BrianBrian LawsonActorMr Cotton
Lawson, BrianBrian LawsonActorBegriffenfeldt
Lawson, BrianBrian LawsonActorMate
Lawson, BrianBrian LawsonActorApe
Lopez, PeterPeter LopezActorVillager
Lopez, PeterPeter LopezActorWedding Guest
Lopez, PeterPeter LopezActor3th keeper
Lopez, PeterPeter LopezActorA boy
Lopez, PeterPeter LopezActorSailor
Lopez, PeterPeter LopezActorA TrollTroll kid
Moore, DouglasDouglas MooreActorMads Moen
Moore, DouglasDouglas MooreActorApe
Moore, DouglasDouglas MooreActorKing Apis
Moore, DouglasDouglas MooreActorThe cook
Moore, DouglasDouglas MooreActorMonsieur Ballon
Moore, DouglasDouglas MooreActorTroll courtier
Mover, RichardRichard MoverActorWedding Guest
Mover, RichardRichard MoverActorAn Ugly Child
Mover, RichardRichard MoverActorA TrollTroll kid
Mover, RichardRichard MoverActorVillager
Mover, RichardRichard MoverActorSailor
Mover, RichardRichard MoverActor2nd keeper
Mover, RichardRichard MoverActorApe
O'Donnell, PatriciaPatricia O'DonnellActorA voice in the darknessVoice on the wind
O'Donnell, PatriciaPatricia O'DonnellActorA WomanAn old woman
O'Donnell, PatriciaPatricia O'DonnellActorSolveig
O'Donnell, PatriciaPatricia O'DonnellActorA girlHarem girl
Schultz, CarolCarol SchultzActorA voice in the darknessVoice on the wind
Schultz, CarolCarol SchultzActorIngrid
Schultz, CarolCarol SchultzActorA Woman2nd old woman
Schultz, CarolCarol SchultzActorWoman in green
Schultz, CarolCarol SchultzActorHarem leader
Snizek, DavidDavid SnizekActorTroll courtierThe oldest troll courtier
Snizek, DavidDavid SnizekActorSea Captain
Snizek, DavidDavid SnizekActorHerr Trumpeterstraale
Snizek, DavidDavid SnizekActorMoroccan captain
Snizek, DavidDavid SnizekActorA thief
Snizek, DavidDavid SnizekActor1st Keeper
Snizek, DavidDavid SnizekActorAslak
Spackman, TomTom SpackmanActorPeer Gynt
Spackman, TomTom SpackmanActorA Lean Person
Spackman, TomTom SpackmanActorWedding Guest
Spiller, TomTom SpillerActorThe watch
Spiller, TomTom SpillerActorThe farmer at Hegstad
Spiller, TomTom SpillerActorThe Troll King
Spiller, TomTom SpillerActorOld ape
Spiller, TomTom SpillerActorVillager
Spiller, TomTom SpillerActorHuhu
Stern, SusanSusan SternActorA girlHarem girl
Stern, SusanSusan SternActorHelga
Stern, SusanSusan SternActorHerd girl
Sunde, KarenKaren SundeActorMother Aase
Martin, ChristopherChristopher MartinAssistant Director
Shropshire, NobleNoble ShropshireComposer
Martin, ChristopherChristopher MartinDesigner
Martin, ChristopherChristopher MartinDirector
Sunde, KarenKaren SundeDramaturg
Goldberg, David J.David J. GoldbergMask Maker
Ibsen, Henrik, Henrik IbsenPlaywright
Fjelde, Rolf, Rolf FjeldeTranslator
Production NationalityUnited States
Performance languageEnglish
Further InformationThe piece was listed in 2 separate parts. Peer Gynt I: 1. The Brider, 2. The Mountain Man, 3. The Troll Prince, 4. The Outlaw. Peer Gynt II: 5. The Charleston Trader, 6. The Harem Prophet, 7. The Emperor Of Self, 8. The Prodigal Onion.
Event Identifier85083