Event TidarÅ
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DescriptionStone is stronger than water - in eye gaze. But the river Frya bear witness that water turns stone in couples dance in time. Shall we balance the future, listened we dampen the pace and act slowly and long term as Solveig. This is the challenge to some of the best acrobats and dancers in the performance TidarÅ. Whom shall soar "dry shod downward passage of the river," the delicate female skin or crust of Mother Earth?
VenueFryajuvet / Bersveinshølen, Ringebu, Ringebu, Norway
First Date5th August 2009
Last Date8th August 2009
Primary GenreDance
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.net
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453007Sundli, Gunnhild, Gunnhild Sundli379ActorSolveigvocals
452730Hansegård, Hallgrim, Hallgrim Hansegård389Adaptation
452730Hansegård, Hallgrim, Hallgrim Hansegård385Choreographer
453232Svendsen, Nina Lill, Nina Lill Svendsen385ChoreographerAssistant
453234Ljones, Andreas Skeie, Andreas Skeie Ljones388Composer
453237Adana, Sudesh, Sudesh Adana393DancerPeer Gynt
453248Berget, Kristine, Kristine Berget393Dancer
453255Bratvold, Christine, Christine Bratvold393Dancer
453249Folke-Olsen, Mathilde, Mathilde Folke-Olsen393Dancer
453243Gjøvåg, Ane, Ane Gjøvåg393DancerSolveig
452730Hansegård, Hallgrim, Hallgrim Hansegård393DancerPeer Gynt
453251Haugen, Frøydis, Frøydis Haugen393Dancer
453242Haugli, Marianne, Marianne Haugli393DancerSolveig
453256Hjall, Mette, Mette Hjall393Dancer
453244Hålien, Silje Onstad, Silje Onstad Hålien393DancerSolveig
453241Madsen, Vilde Viktoria, Vilde Viktoria Madsen393DancerSolveig
453254Nikkerud, Einar, Einar Nikkerud393Dancer
453021Omar, Sulekha Ali, Sulekha Ali Omar393DancerSolveig
453247Pedersen, Mette, Mette Pedersen393Dancer
453239Rezvani, Navid, Navid Rezvani393DancerPeer Gynt
451828Rua, Sigbjørn, Sigbjørn Rua393DancerPeer Gynt
453250Sollien, Elin, Elin Sollien393Dancer
453253Sundkvist, Benedicte, Benedicte Sundkvist393Dancer
453240Tornell, Christer, Christer Tornell393DancerPeer Gynt
453252Volberg, Vilde, Vilde Volberg393Dancer
453238Aasberg, Anders, Anders Aasberg393DancerPeer Gynt
451367Ulekleiv, Silje, Silje Ulekleiv376Designer
452730Hansegård, Hallgrim, Hallgrim Hansegård375Director
453232Svendsen, Nina Lill, Nina Lill Svendsen375Director
453236Rosvoll, Line, Line Rosvoll383Dramaturg(dramatical counseling)
453233Sælendsminde, Sigve, Sigve Sælendsminde380Lighting Designer
453246Eide, Rolv Olav, Rolv Olav Eide392MusicianPercussionist
453245Isungset, Terje, Terje Isungset392MusicianBoyg (Percussionist)
453234Ljones, Andreas Skeie, Andreas Skeie Ljones392MusicianComposer and Fiddle
453007Sundli, Gunnhild, Gunnhild Sundli392MusicianVocals
426902Ibsen, Henrik, Henrik Ibsen386Playwright
453235Hallibakken, Tor Magne, Tor Magne Hallibakken381Sound Designer
Production NationalityNorway
Performance languageNorwegian
Further InformationWorld premiere of dance production based on Peer Gynt. / Script: Hallgrim Hansegård. / Mention of TidarÅ on the websites of Peer Gynt as
Event Identifier82408
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