Event A Doll's House
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DescriptionTour opening at Towngate Theatre, Poole Arts Centre, Poole, Dorset, England.
VenueUstinov Studio, Sawclose, (Behind The Theatre Royal), Bath, England
First Date1st July 1999
Opening Night14th April 1999
Last Date3rd July 1999
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
Nick ChadwinActorTorvald Helmer
James ClarksonActorDr. Rank
Beatrice CominsActorNora
Jane MontgomeryActorAnne Marie
Michael OnslowActorNils Krogstad
Karren WinchesterActorMrs. Kristine Linde
Hilary FosterChoreographer
Chris MadinComposer
Neil IrishDesigner
Neil SissonsDirector
Neil SissonsLighting Designer
Henrik IbsenPlaywright
Nick ChadwinTranslator
Neil SissonsTranslator
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Production NationalityEngland
Performance languageEnglish
Further Informationtr 316
Event Identifier75883